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Within The Walls of Old Quebec

“More European than Europe, more French than France”
Old Québec is a historical and cultural treasure. It feels as if you have travelled back in time to a place that only exists in fairytales and its story captivates and hypnotizes you at every turn!

Old Québec is the only remaining walled city in North America. Its skyline is dominated by the foreboding and magnificent Chateau Frontenac, the air is filled with sonorous church bells singing and the cobblestone streets wind and weave their way through a thriving and bustling old world city.

Our hotel had us positioned right outside the gate to the old world contained within. Founded in 1608, a handful of the buildings in Old Québec are 17th century vintage but most date from the mid 1700s. Riots of colour splash the cobblestoned streets and perfectly offset the grey of winter.
We had remarkably different weather on the two days we had wanderings through the old city. The first day was cold and foggy, with snow flakes falling around us and while it was beautiful, it wasnt the best weather for picture taking. After lunch down in the Lower Town, we stumbled across an area set up for sledding! Ty had a great time on the sled! Dimity and I were far too cold to match Ty’s enthusiasm but it was so much fun to watch him having an absolute blast! Check out these super cute pictures!

Our second day spent within the walls was cold but clear, with a glistening sun shining down on us. The photographs show how remarkable a weather change we experienced!

A little bit excited maybe? Or maybe mid sentence…

Old Québec truly is a magical place, where hours of aimless wanderings through the cobblestoned streets is possible, horse drawn carriage rides are encouraged and the world seems so separate from anywhere else on earth – it’s almost difficult to believe that a modern, bustling city exists beyond the old walls.

I hope this post finds you well! Hooray for the weekend. I have some exciting posts to come your way very soon! Have a happy weekend, and to all my readers in Australia, Happy Australia Day for Sunday!!

From New York City, with love xo

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