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15 Favourite Photos from Venice, Italy

The ability of a photograph to capture a moment, a feeling, an
experience and even the essence of a city is one of my favourite things
about travel photography. You know those photos that you look back on
and instantly feel like you’ve been transported back to exactly where
you once were? Those are my favourites!
It’s no secret that I’ve embraced my paparazzi ways long ago, but after leaving Lake Como in the early morning and arriving at the Santa Luca train station
in Venice around lunch time, we had just 24 hours to explore the city…that’s when the paparazzi really came out!

Obviously, more time would have been better, but with so much to see and
so much to do over the course of our honeymoon, 24 hours was all we
had. So we just went with it, and took all the photos left and right to capture the moments that I knew we would want
to look back on.

I thought it’d be fun to share some of the photos that best evoke our Venetian memories, along with some of our favourite moments from our time in the city!

  • Hotel: the luxurious and boutique Pesaro Palace
    was home to us for our one fabulous night in Venice. If any of you are thinking of Venice for a romantic getaway, I can’t recommend this hotel enough. As soon as we
    arrived, we dreaded the moment we’d have to leave – it’s classic Venetian style gave it a historical feel and made it even more
    special. The breakfast was amazing, the amenities were top-notch and the bed was the biggest and comfiest we’ve ever slept in! We had an amazing view over the Grand Canal from the hotel’s balcony too – if only every day could start with a gourmet, buffet breakfast and a Grand Canal view, am I right?
  • Favourite meals: The wine (obvs) and the zuppa di mare (seafood soup – it’s more appetising than it sounds, promise!). This dish is a Venetian speciality and most of the restaurants serve very similar versions of it – it’s a definite a must in my opinion! Of course, you can’t go past Ty’s choice of fresh spaghetti and homemade meatballs (I’m still drooling).
  • Adventures: A cruise down the Grand Canal, walking along planks in the rain as a few feet of water submerge Venice, watching the work of artists in the street come to life in real time, wandering the canals and lane ways, sipping on a cappuccino in tiny cafe by the Grand Canal, watching the sunset over the city and standing in the centre of piazza San Marco are all experiences in themselves. We missed out on a gondola ride, but cruising down the Grand Canal more than made up for that!



These were my absolute favourite parts of
our time in Venice. Whether you’ve been once or twenty times, I’m sure Venice is the kind of city where there’ll always be something new to discover – as if we needed an excuse to go back one day!

Is Venice on your Italian bucket list? If you’ve visited before, what was your favourite thing about the city? Thanks so much for reading! XO

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