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Sunday At The Beach

Happy Monday lovelies! How was your weekend? Mine was really wonderful and involved a whole weekend of girly goodness on the Gold Coast with my sister! It was full of shopping, chats and cafe lunches and easily the longest time we’ve spent together since our trip to Europe back in May!

Given that we were on the Gold Coast for the weekend, and so close to the beach, we took ourselves down to the ocean early on Sunday morning. It’s hard to believe winter even exists on the Gold Coast and while this Sunday was particularly overcast and stormy at times, it was still lovely and warm. I grabbed a flat white to go from Beaches Off Tedder (an absolutely perfect cup of coffee!) and we found a spot on a rather deserted beach.

Usually, the Gold Coast is a crazy hive of activity, especially in the summer months, and it’s usually hard to find a spot on the beach that is more than a few feet away from the next person, but on this rather miserable looking day, it felt like we had the entire coast to ourselves. I miss living close by the ocean and now that I live a good few hours away from the closest beach, I must try and make a trip every few months for a good dose of Vitamin Sea 😉 I find it to be such a calming and peaceful place to be!

We settled down on the sand and had the most peaceful morning watching the clouds roll in over the coast and the waves crash over the sand. Lauren is currently reading Girl on the Train and is loving it. I had plans to start the book too, but instead got rather distracted watching this adorable pup play in the water – it did absolutely nothing for my wanting a dog!

So cute, right?!

It really was the perfect start to our Sunday and a really lovely way to spend the morning with my sister. We followed up our great start to the day with some shopping at Harbour Town (obsessed), a delicious and healthy Mexican salad for lunch, a salon visit and a movie, before taking our Pop out for dinner to his favourite Thai restaurant. One of my favourite Sundays for sure!

Do you live near the sea? Do you like quiet beaches or ones full of people? How did you spend your weekend? Let me know below!

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