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A Photo Shoot and A Mini Getaway

The other day I was thinking I couldn’t believe it was June already when I remembered it was actually July! Seriously, what happened to June?? I need to know!

The weekend just gone was such a great one, I have a serious case of Monday blues that have stretched into Tuesday. As I’m not quite ready to let the weekend go, I thought I’d share some of what I got up to! I feel I do need to preface this post by saying I didn’t have high hopes for this weekend – totally disappointing as I had been planning it for ages – when I came down with a nasty cold on Thursday. My boss was so kind to let me have Friday off to rest and I truly think that made all the difference – rest really does work who knew! By late afternoon I was feeling much improved (although not 100%) and drove just over an hour from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast – my old stomping ground! – to have dinner with friends I used to work with. It was so wonderful to catch up and see them all, it really had been way too long, and our dinner at the Piano Bar in Maroochydore was amazing! I highly recommend it if you ever find yourself on the Sunshine Coast.

I had Saturday morning to myself so I treated myself to this…

Breakfast in bed!

…and then set off for some shopping! I hardly ever shop anymore since moving to the country so I loved every minute of it, even if my bank account disagrees! First I visited a handful of thrift stores as I’m on the hunt for a console table. Feeling slightly deflated after I couldn’t find what I wanted, I just happened to stumbled upon the find of the day (you know, when you find something so great it kind of makes your day?). One of the chairs that belongs to Ty and my dining room table set is broken and we have been um-ing and ah-ing about how/when/who we can find to fix it. That’s why I was ridiculously excited when I found two chairs that matched our set exactly.

I sent pictures to Ty just to be sure and sure enough they couldn’t have been more perfect! The random fourth chair we have been using is out, and this baby is in! What do you all think?

After all that excitement, and wasting valuable shopping time taking 20 minutes trying to fit my new old chair into the boot of my car, only to realise it was never going to fit and then figuring out I could lay it across the back seat (why didn’t I think of that first), I headed to the shopping centre to pay a visit to some of my favourite stores. It must have been my day as just about everywhere was having a ridiculously amazing sale!

Love this:

Out of my way, I’m fabulous!

 Wish my closet looked like this:

 Need this in my life:

I found the throw rug I have been wishing for, the faux fur pillows I have been dreaming about, countless clothes I don’t need but definitely wanted, a summer beach hat (that will be worn during a beach trip for our anniversary in October!) and some gorgeous shoes I’m obsessed with. You should have seen Ty’s face when I tried to sneak all my bags into the house on Sunday night. I definitely earned myself a few eye rolls!

My twin sister Lauren arrived from Brisbane that afternoon and we spent the evening visiting a sushi restaurant in Mooloolaba for dinner and getting into a new TV series – Orange is the New Black! Amazing! Have you seen it? (My cold also reared its ugly head again but I tried not to think about that!)

On Sunday, we rose bright and early for a big day ahead playing makeup models for my amazing cousin who was completing her makeup artistry diploma.

She is also the amazing creative behind Charmaine Otto Photography (her work is flawless and I’m literally obsessed with all the images on her blog) and she will be doing Ty and my wedding photography next year! Beyond excited about that! Anyway, it was such a fun day hanging out with Lauren and Char and all the ladies at Cozmedics Spa in Cotton Tree, getting our makeup and hair done and then posing for a photo shoot!

Opportunities like this don’t come a-knocking very often and I’m so thankful to Char for asking Lauren and I to be her models! It was so much fun, not to mention, how crazy talented is my cousin?!

My look:

What did you all get up to this past weekend? Have a fab week! Thanks so much for reading! Xo

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