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Weekend Scenes: Fires, Films and A New Family Tradition

Well hello there! Please tell me how it is Tuesday already?? I swear no other days of the week pass as quickly as Saturday and Sunday! This weekend was no exception. I headed home to my family home on Friday and it was wonderful. We woke up to a cold and windy Saturday morning and I was so grateful for this view:

Oh and this to huddle up to:
Mum and I had a mother/daughter kind of day as we headed into town to meet with various vendors about Ty and my upcoming wedding, which was great – so good to get things rolling there! – and after that we went out for a beautiful lunch. With lives so busy these days, it’s the moments like these that I truly cherish. 

 After lunch, my sister arrived from Brisbane and we went to see The Fault in Our Stars at the cinema. Gosh, what an incredible movie! As much as I loved it and thought it to be an incredibly sweet and heart-warming film, I was kind of relieved to get out of there. The film was very sad, but not in a completely devastating-ball-your-eyes-out kind of way, but more in the way that loss of a sick loved one is and how great and sometimes heart-breaking loving others can be. Have you seen it? What did you think?

Sunday was spent as most Sundays should – sleeping in, a late breakfast and a lazy day. Just kidding! We were up bright and early (and it was even colder than the day before) for two reasons. One – the girls in our family (trust me, Dad and my brother weren’t too disappointed they weren’t included) were heading into town to a wedding expo, and two – we decided to start a new tradition. It involved me trying on my Mum’s incredibly beautiful wedding gown that she has kept for 29 years. 
I remember as a young child on our family farm when Mum put on her wedding dress to surprise Dad out in the paddock on one of their wedding anniversaries. As a child, this was an incredibly special moment to bare witness to and the memory of it will always be with me. So you can only imagine how I felt when Mum laid her absolutely gorgeous dress out for me to try on. I tried not to cry (um…I didn’t have waterproof mascara on and I was wearing a white vintage dress – you all know what a recipe for disaster that is!) but I felt so special and so much like my Mum in her dress. My Mum has always been my greatest role model and all I ever wanted when I was little was to grow up and be just like her. So words really can’t describe how I felt in that moment when I was wearing her dress. I can’t wait for my sisters to have their turn when the time comes! (Side note: don’t let my smiley face fool you. As happy as I was, I was fuh-reezing!!!).
After that, we braved the cold wind and the long drive out to the wedding expo. This is the first one that all four of us could attend together and we had so much fun collecting ideas, getting goody bags and hovering around the candy buffet and chocolate fountain stalls!

Then it was time to go our separate ways, as my Mum and younger sister headed home, my twin sister headed back to Brisbane and I headed back to Ty. He had been away all weekend so he missed out on all the wedding festivities (he assured me he wasn’t too disappointed!) but we had his parents come to stay Sunday night which was really lovely! I’ve been travelling so much for work and on the weekends lately, I feel like I’ve hardly gotten to see my handsome fiance and I miss him!

Because, you know…

Unfortunately, this week and the weekend will be no different (my twin sister and I are heading to the Sunshine Coast – my old stomping ground yay! – for a bit of fun, and Ty is headed off to Brisbane) but the weekend after that, we are going to spend it doing something fun together! I’m thinking maybe a visit to one of our local wineries – there are so many great wineries in our local area and I’ve only been to one (what a travesty!), or a picnic down by a beautiful waterfall and waterhole in our local area! Or we might go a little crazy and do both! Why not?

Anyway, what did you all get up to on the weekend? Hope you have a fabulous week and thanks so much for reading! Xo

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