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After The Ceremony

To this day, I still remember how I felt the morning I woke up after realising that ‘Marayne’, my childhood home, was the wedding venue we’d been dreaming about all along. At that point, we’d already chosen a date that was very special to us, but we were still without a venue. After spending weeks looking at various locations from city to coast, we were almost on the cusp of settling for one out of desperation, even though none of them felt quite right.

Then I dreamed of ‘Marayne’ and I knew that we could look at all the dazzling wedding venues the world over, and none of them would ever feel right. They’d never feel like home. I felt nervous to ask Mum and Dad, but at the same time, I felt relieved, like I’d finally put two and two together and made sense of what my heart wanted.

^^ I remember first hearing how my Mum and Dad came up with the name for our family property when I was little – they combined their two names Mark and Jayne to make ‘Marayne’. I just thought that was the sweetest (and most brilliant!) idea ever. So naturally, we already have ours decided – Tyly (for Tyrone and Carly)!  

In the end, getting married at ‘Marayne’ was pivotal in having the entire day that we chose and planned for feel like the perfect reflection of us. It was so personal, relaxed and comfortable and centered around family, happiness, and, of course, love. My family’s property also provided the most wonderful setting and backdrop for our bridal party photo session that took place after the ceremony.

After a good half hour or so of hugging and greeting all our family and friends, Ty and I ventured off into the property with our bridal party and photographer. As silly as it sounds after only 24 hours apart, it was so wonderful to be together again. We’d hardly spoken at all during those hours in the lead up to such a huge moment and milestone in our life together and while it felt like we had so much to catch up on, all we could really do was look at each other and continually say “we did it! we did it!”. Quite the conversationalists, obviously 😉

After a quick stop in the field just beyond the house yard, where the light was so pretty but still so bright, we headed off to the old wooden barn that still stands strong in the paddock. For the longest time, this barn held the saddle and stirrups for our beloved family horse Henry, and the powdered milk we’d make up for the calves that we reared when I was young. Nowadays, it’s just an old barn that shelters nothing much at all, but it’s a place at ‘Marayne’ I still love.

Mum being the amazing superwoman/wedding planner that she is, organised a picnic basket of snacks and drinks for us to take with us during our photo session. The boys were especially impressed with this – I guess the idea of leaving behind the pre-dinner drinks and plates of delicious canapes to take photos in a field just didn’t appeal to them as much as it did to us girls, but the picnic basket goodies helped sweeten the deal 😉 We popped the champagne and toasted to our beautiful day.

^^ I was walking ahead in the field, thinking everyone else was following behind me, but when I turned around they were all standing there just watching me while Charmaine sneakily snapped photos – this was the moment I realised what was going on!

^^ I remember watching this photo be taken and feeling almost overwhelmed with pride and love looking on at the incredible man I married.

We had been blessed with a day of perfect weather – not at all cold, but not too hot either, with a cloudless sky and a bright shining sun. Next, we all piled into two cars for some more photos off-site. We used to cross these track tracks on the outskirts of town to reach the centre every single day, in the exact spot we stood. Nowadays, they’ve grown over and the road crossing is a little further down along the tracks, so we had them entirely to ourselves.

After we left the train tracks, Ty’s brother Ryan directed us to a barley field on the outskirts of town. We had no idea who it belonged too but the field was absolutely gorgeous bathed in the golden light of the setting sun, and so we carefully waded our way through so as not to disturb the barley crop. It was that field right there that caused the demise of a good few inches of my dress, and is entirely responsible for a very hefty dry-cleaning bill that I received this week, and I was practically flat footed by the end of it as my heels sank further and further into the earth. But honestly, I didn’t care one bit. Standing there in the middle of a golden field of barley with my new husband, breathing in the Spring air and basking in that golden sunlight, felt like the greatest place on the planet.

^^ How incredible is that field of barley? Those golden hues…

^^ These photos make me laugh every time I see them! Ryan suggested we all ‘fake’ laugh for a silly photo and we ending up laughing so hard at our ‘fake’ laughing that it become 100% real and even more silly!

^^ The minute I saw this dress, I knew it was the one. It has that slight vintage vibe that I’m always drawn to and I love the classic feel combined with the modern silhouette. It’s made of the most exquisite lace that hugs in all the right places and it honestly made me feel the prettiest I’ve ever felt in my whole life. I did worry that maybe not everyone would feel the same way, but Ty reminded and encouraged me to choose the dress I loved and the one that I wanted to get married in. And so I did. I was fortunate enough to work quite closely with the owner and designers of Nicolina Bridal in the lead up to our wedding so I felt very involved and invested. Funnily enough, I’d done some modelling for Nicolina’s bridesmaid and debutante collections when I was 16, and the stunning gown I’d worn to my own Year 12 formal was a Nicolina gown. Really, it just felt meant to be.

Just as the sun was about to set, we headed back home to ‘Marayne’ and caught a pretty pink sunset from the back paddock for the last few shots of our photo session. In
the distance, our wedding was taking care of itself. We could hear the
laughter and chatter of our guests and the music filling the almost-dark
evening air, just as we could see the strings of festoon lights coming to life and
twinkling in the dusky sky. 

By this stage, the boys were really into the photo shoot (who would have thought?!) and couldn’t resist getting their bikes out for a few snaps just as the sun went down, while I greeted a very tired and oh so cute Joni and Elliott on their way home for the evening.

^^ Dimity and Ryan

^^ Lauren and Ryan

Up next? The reception!

Thanks so much for letting me share these moments with you! XO

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