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Postcards from the Greek Islands

I am finally sharing the very last of our European adventures with you all today with our day cruise to the beautiful islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina off the coast of Athens. As we had very limited time in Greece, we decided a day cruise out to the islands was the best way to enjoy the splendors of the Greek islands, and still have time to discover the history and culture of Athens. If you are looking at doing something similar, we did our day cruise with Athens One Day Cruise which I would highly recommend.

So on our first full day in Athens, Lauren and I left our apartment at 7 o’clock in the morning for a quick breakfast and then headed to the Port of Piraeus for our day cruise departure. Sadly, our luggage had gone missing two days before en-route to Barcelona from Nice, so we were fairly unprepared for a day out on the water. We had managed to rush off to H&M the evening before the cruise to purchase swimwear, but we forgot all the other necessities like a towel!

However it turned out that it didn’t really matter – we were together so in essence we had all we needed for an amazing day! We were early arriving at the boat before the departure time (a miracle in itself) so we even managed to snag two sun lounges on the front deck and spent our time in between the islands soaking up the sunshine.

The first island we reached after about an hour and a half of cruising was Hydra. From the deck of the boat, the dramatic and picturesque landscape and traditional island architecture loomed before us – it was prettier than a postcard! On shore, there was a beautiful old seaside promenade that we wandered, past many boutique shops, lively cafes, fabulous galleries and the odd saddled donkey. We left the modern world behind and explored the stone-paved pathways leading further into the island’s heart by foot, before finding ourselves a quiet place in one of the seaside cafes for a hot drink and a little people watching. Hydra is such a beautiful island, full of monasteries, churches, galleries and cafes, and was my favourite of the day. We spent about an hour and a half on the island and this was plenty for the exploring that we did.

After Hydra, we cruised to the island of Poros. Being the smallest of the three, we had just less than an hour to explore the island, which gave us enough time to enjoy a walk around the island’s perimeter, past the fabulous yachts and modest fishing boats, and work up an appetite. After Poros, we enjoyed a delicious and plentiful buffet lunch on board the cruise boat (which is included in the cost of the tour). Full to bursting, we relaxed on our sun lounges on the deck while we cruised to the last island for the day, Aegina, the largest of the three. At this point, there were three optional tours to take you to various parts of the island, but Lauren and I were keen to just explore the island by foot at our leisure.

All the islands were beautiful, but Aegina was especially pretty in the late afternoon light, and we spent our time there walking along the harbour and watching the seagulls take flight. Before long, we were back on the boat heading back to Athens. The cruise back was so peaceful (we even had a little nap!) and we were accompanied the entire way by a friendly flock of seagulls, flapping alongside the boat. In the fading light, with nothing but a setting sun and a vast ocean surrounding us, it felt like the seagulls were guiding us home. A lovely ending to such a wonderful day!

I didn’t take my camera with us on the day cruise because I was worried it would get damaged, but I did, of course, take lots of iPhone snaps! Here is a collection of my favourites:

Have you visited the islands of Hydra, Poros or Aegina? Have you ever taken a day cruise?

Thanks so much for reading! XO

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