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Honeymoon Planning

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I think I dreamed about my honeymoon long before I dreamed about getting married. It sounds strange, I know, but as a little girl, the romantic notion of planning the trip of all trips with my love for our honeymoon always made me so giddy with excitement and I always LOVED hearing stories my parents told of their honeymoon to New Zealand. 
Back in June last year, when we first started thinking about planning our own, we threw around a lot of ideas. We weren’t all that fussy, which probably made making a decision a lot harder. All we really wanted was to visit somewhere new, where neither of us had been before, somewhere we could relax together and just be.

Before long, it was Italy was calling our names.

We answered the call of course – the food, the landscapes, the wine, the cities, the coast, the hills, the history, the lakes! – our hearts made the decision for us very quickly. After doing a little more research, we decided to split our time between Italy and several other countries in the Mediterranean with a cruise out of Venice. 
A few years ago, I cruised the Caribbean with my family in what was one of my favourite family holidays ever, and all throughout the cruise I kept thinking how wonderful it would be to do something similar with Ty one day. Istanbul has been high on my wanderlust list for the longest time, and when we discovered a cruise that traversed the Mediterranean from Italy to Turkey to Greece to France, we booked it the very next day. 
We left for our honeymoon on Monday night and today I wanted to share a little about our trip and plans with you because I would absolutely love to hear any of your recommendations for the places we will visit. I’ve mapped out our trip with Tripcipe (such an amazing trip planning app – I highly recommend it!) below and you can see the full trip here

I would love to hear your recommendations for food, drink, things to do and things to see (and anything else!) so please spill them in the comments below! And if you’d like to follow along on our adventures in real time, you can find me on Instagram – I’m @letuswanderlust_carly on there!

Thanks so much for reading! XO

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