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Autumn in Lake Como

Of all the places we visited in Italy, Lake Como is the place I’d most love to return to one day. It’s beauty is unrivaled by anything I have seen so far and the atmosphere is about as relaxed and indulgent as it gets.

I honestly think the thing that made Lake Como so amazing to us was having very little idea of what to expect before arriving. The way we felt during our time there really reminded me of this quote:

“Trade your expectations for appreciation and your world changes in an instant.” 

It’s so true isn’t it? As someone who often does have expectations when travelling, to not have any at all allowed Lake Como to completely surprise me and truly blow me away.

On the day we arrived at Lake Como, we left Cinque Terre bright and early in the morning after hiking between the villages the day before, and caught the train to Milan. From there, we caught a train to Como, and then a winding, mildly terrifying bus ride to reach the picturesque stone village of Bellagio.

Situated right on the lake and home for the next two days, our days in Bellagio were lazy and leisurely, punctuated by late breakfasts, lingering lunches and long walks by the lake. Honestly, it was paradise.

The winding stone staircases, the breathtaking lake views, the crisp Autumn air…the vibe was romantic and absolutely perfect for our honeymoon. We stayed at Residence La Limonera and if you’re ever visiting Bellagio, I can’t recommend these gorgeous apartments enough. The location couldn’t have been more ideal – centrally located as it was in Bellagio – with an amazing gelato shop opposite, pizza and pasta around the corner, a delicious coffee shop next door, and an artisan grocer one door down. And to top it all off, our bright and airy apartment boasted magnificent views of the lake only 100 metres away.

One of my favourite days from our entire honeymoon was spent in Bellagio. We started the day with muesli and peaches in our apartment, followed by coffee next door, before taking a peaceful stroll around the outskirts of town. Amazingly, we happened upon a completely seclude shore of the lake – quite a feat given Lake Como’s immense popularity – and our morning there, and those lakeside views, couldn’t have been more perfect.

After spending an hour or so relaxing by the lake in the Autumn sunshine, we got a little peckish and decided to head back for some lunch. Instead of finding a restaurant or cafe to eat in, we gathered some supplies from the local market for a simple homemade lunch of prosciutto, soft cheese, ripe tomatoes, crusty bread and a bottle of local Merlot. It was barely midday, but this was our first truly relaxing day on our honeymoon so we figured why not?

The rest of the day was spent strolling and browsing about town, watching the ducks swim around in the lake, and keeping an eye out for George Clooney (just kidding). When the light began to fade, we headed home with a simple margherita pizza to eat on the terrace while watching the sun set over the lake. Magnificent!

Lake Como, you were my favourite!

What do you think about travelling without expectation? Is Lake Como on your Italian bucket list too? I can’t sing enough praise for this beautiful part of Italy. It had us wondering “is this real life?” on more occasions than I can count! Thank you so much for reading! XO

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