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The Palace of Versailles Gardens

After a morning spent rediscovering the magic of the Versailles Palace, Lauren and I re-emerged into the outside world a little before lunch. While the Palace had been incredibly crowded and bustling with tourists, the solitude and silence we found in the gardens was a perfect juxtaposition.

The vastness of the gardens made it easy for us to trod off the beaten path and find our own little verdant sanctuary among the hedges. The gardens are so immense, covering 800 hectares of land, and Lauren and I covered only the teeniest, tiniest portion of it. After the stuffiness of being indoors all morning, the outside breeze, weak sunshine and fresh air felt rejuvenating and we spent a good hour or so frolicking about the gardens, taking photos.

In addition to the meticulously manicured lawns, hedges and flower beds, the garden is home to sculptures, fountains and water features, all of which we discovered during our walk. During late Spring to early Autumn, the fountains come to life as part of the Grand Eaux fountain spectacle, but as we visited in early Spring, the fountains were silent, laying dormant for at least another month or so.

Of course, in true early Spring style, the weather grew darker and colder with each passing minute we stood outside, and fearing a rain shower would be upon us in no time, when we had no umbrella and were already chilled to the bone, we decided to make our way back to Paris for some lunch. Of course, when we came across a little bench meant for sitting and taking a rest, we couldn’t resist using it to prop up my camera in an effort to get a sisterly snap. We waited for a the few people around to pass on by, after which we could here them exclaim in the distance “les jumelles!” (they’re twins!), I set the self timer and viola!

While the snap is sadly the tiniest bit blurry, it is still my favourite picture of us from our entire two week trip together. Even months after it was taken, looking at this photo reminds me just how special it felt to spend two whole weeks in Europe with my twin sister and best friend – certainly a time in our lives we feel so fortunate to have had and will definitely cherish forever.

If you visit the Gardens in during the warmer months, there are some really lovely cafes and restaurants tucked away in the gardens that I’m sure would be a beautiful spot to stop for some lunch. Bike riding around the gardens is also something we didn’t do, but I bet would be a lot of fun, especially for the fact you can cover so much more ground by bike than on foot!

Do you enjoy visiting gardens and parks? Isn’t it so lovely to be out exploring in the fresh air?! Thanks so much for reading! XO

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