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The Lowdown On Our Week So Far!

Our backyard, currently.
Here’s the lowdown on our week so far. It’s been a really, really happy one and it’s only Wednesday so we are off to a great start!  
– We’ve finally been feeling more settled and productive at home this week. It’s been so hard being away so much these past five weeks, because when we were home, we felt really unorganised with everything – life in general was in a bit of a shambles! So it’s been so wonderful to feel settled again and get back into our routine (I do love having my routine!).

– I was invited to a spa day in a few weekends time with my sisters-to-be and that really made my day on Wednesday! They are the best for including me and I’m so excited to spend a girly day with them both!
– We’re trying to be more creative when it comes to our dinners each evening. Last night I made chicken teriayki (I made the sauce from scratch!) with steamed broccoli, wilted bok choy and rice noodles. It tasted pretty delicious, if I do say so myself. Which I do. Only issue was that it was a tad too salty for our liking so we felt like we had to drink a gallon of water to cope. But with a little recipe tweaking, this one will be a winner, I just know it.
– My phone lasted hours on 1% yesterday (yes, the dreaded 1%). This happens pretty much on a third daily basis because I always forget to charge it overnight. I’m kind of hopeless at that sort of thing. It drives Ty insane, but in a total “my fiancée is so endearing” kind of way (I think *gulp*).
– Ty and I had a discussion about returning to university to study Graduate Diplomas in Clinical Pharmacy. That’s kind of a nerdy thing to discuss as a couple but seeing as though we are both pharmacists, it’s totally allowed. We feel kind of excited, but mostly nauseous, about returning to study on a part-time basis (can’t say we’re particularly psyched about assignments etc), but we got an amazing offer to complete the degree for free (!!) if we commence study in 2015. So we’re doing it!
– I went to the Post Office yesterday to send some mail the old fashioned way and took a little detour into the village library. I am slowly trying to win round the lady who works there who never seems to smile by giving her my biggest ever smile (you know, to compensate). It hasn’t worked to date, but I’m not losing hope. There was a flicker there yesterday so I’m chalking it up as a win. 

– Oh, and last night, Ty came to me and said “We’re done, this beard and I” in reference to the beard he has been growing and been insanely proud of over the last five weeks. So I did what any good fiancée would do and took the clippers to it to design a few cool patterns (lose use of the words “cool” and “design” – it was neither very cool nor very design-y) before we got rid of it all together. Ty did ask me to leave the zipf (?spelling) and when I asked what that was, he told me that I obvs need to learn more about facial hair styling. Yeah. I’ll get right on that! (Not going to happen). 
Also this week! We’ve done plenty of house chores and eaten plenty of caramel tart. My boyfriend jeans somehow found it out of storage to be worn Monday and again today even though it’s far too hot for boyfriend jeans (I think I need an intervention. Someone please help!). We visited our local grocery store on three separate occasions just yesterday (but one was a late night run to get ice cream to eat with the aforementioned caramel tart, so it doesn’t really count) and watched Homeland (omgsogood!) and X-Files. We spotted our first set of Christmas lights last night and today, I’m happy to report that I have a little Christmas-themed dressing going on (totally by accident). Any chance I can wear Christmas colours (and fall sort of looking like a Christmas tree) is a gooood day by me!

And that’s it. What have you all been up to this week? Happy Wednesday!

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