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The Brisbane French Festival!

This past Sunday was a très French kind of Sunday! Each year, the Brisbane French Festival
transforms the South Bank Parklands, which are very lovely of their own
accord, into a little slice of my favourite city in the world, Paris. 
For one
reason or another, I have never made it to the French Festival before, but when it came up in a conversation with my sisters a few weeks ago, we made a plan to finally go along. The weather forecast for the day was a rather bleak one, predicting very
chilly temperatures and a freezing cold wind (I was woken in the early hours of
the morning to its ferocious howl!) so we prepared ourselves for the day with
coats and scarves. I went with a stripes and red flats ensemble, because if you
can’t go along to a French-themed festival in a slightly thematic outfit, when
can you?

We arrived before the doors even opened, which is testament to how
excited we were for the day ahead as the three of us are notorious for running
late – a trait we definitely inherited from Mum, although don’t tell her I told
you, as she’s a little bit in denial about it 😉 We passed the time with cups
of tea and coffee while strolling along the riverbank and avoiding any patches
of shade in preference for the warmth of the winter sun!

At 9 o’clock, the festival was open for business and we were among some
of the first through the gates. As soon as we stepped across the threshold, we
landed on the doorstep of the French market. With row upon row of little white
tents filled with beautiful vendors of every kind, from homewares, gifts,
fashion and art, to language courses, French culture, wine, champagne, travel
and food, we barely knew where to begin! We took a warm-up lap, got our
bearings, picked up a buttery croissant each, and began exploring all the
goodies on offer. 
The early bird gets the worm as they say, and we were able to get around
the French market place easily before the crowds made weaving, dodging and
ducking a necessity! We played a few rounds of the compulsory sister routine of
‘I’ll pay’, ‘no I’ll pay’, ‘look, I’ve got cash’ ‘ok thanks, I’ll pay you back’
‘don’t worry about it!’ ‘yes, I will!’ ‘no, seriously, I’ve got this!’. We
visited the Alliance Francaise language school stall and all decided to sign up
for some French revision classes. Bottles of beautiful St Dalfour jam made with
raspberries and pomegranates, juicy apricots and fresh figs were bought.
Macarons of every flavour were carefully chosen, packaged beautifully and saved
for sampling later. Soothing flower tea infusions were slowly sipped. Heavenly smelling handmade soaps that looked good enough to
eat were oohed and aahed over, and wedges of President double brie and Camembert cheese were hauled home. 

Incredible aromas of garlic butter, fresh baked bread, espresso coffee
and delicious crêpes filled the air thanks to the
amazing array of French food stalls on offer, and we decided an early lunch was in
order. Unsurprisingly, the vote for Nutella crêpes was unanimous so
we found a patch of grass and sat in the sun eating our deliciously warm and
oozy crêpes together! They were amazing! 
It was absolutely the loveliest day! I loved spending it with my sisters, and indulging in all things French right in the heart of Brisbane felt like such a treat! We already can’t wait for next year’s festival!
Do you enjoy visiting fairs and festivals? What did you get up to on the weekend? Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful week! XO

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