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The Tasman Peninsula

After spending a wonderful few days in and around Hobart (you can read about those Tasmanian adventures HERE), Ty and I were excited to hit the road and get our month long road trip and camping adventure underway. That was the whole point of driving from Brisbane to Melbourne and ferrying it across aboard The Spirit of Tasmania instead of flying – we would have our car and camping gear at the ready for our month long camping trip!

After leaving Hobart, we had plans to arrive in Port Arthur early so we could set up our camping site and settle in to life on the road. But that plan flew out the window when we came across some sights worth stopping for along the short drive down the Tasman Peninsula.

The Tasman Peninsula is a destination in its self, and one not to be missed should you ever find yourself on a Down Under adventure to Tasmania! It’s a place of rugged beauty and natural diversity, not to mention stunning coastal scenery, soaring views, natural wonders and beautiful, hidden beaches.

The natural wonders are the result of coastal erosion and have all been carved out by the sea. All the classic features of coastal erosion are displayed in dramatic fashion among these natural wonders, all a short distance from one another.

We visited the Tessellated Pavement, Blow Hole, Devils Kitchen and Tasman Arch. One of the many great things about Tasmania is how relatively close everything is to another! For very little time spent on the road, you can see a myriad of amazing sights. 

The sights were just gorgeous and we certainly took our time wandering the walking trails between each natural wonder, just taking it all in. That night was to be our first night camping in the Tasmanian wilderness, so we headed off before the sun was due to set (although much later than we originally planned!) in search of our camping ground. After setting up our tent, we had a few daylight hours to spare and took a little walk to explore the camping area. During that walk, we just happened to stumble upon a beautiful sandy, turquoise-watered beach hidden behind thick scrub – a total oasis in other words!  

Tasmania truly has some of the most beautiful and varied landscapes contained all within a fairly small land area. This was such a great day and the perfect start to our month long road/camping trip!

Have you ever visited Tasmania? Is it on your travel wish list?

Thanks so much for reading! XO

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