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The Spirit of Tasmania

On the first of January 2011, Ty and I set off for one of our first great adventures. The memories from that month long trip are held very close to my heart, not only because we spent it in Tasmania (the state’s beauty is out of this world!), but it was the first real holiday Ty and I had taken together. Over that month, we road tripped and camped our way around the entire Tasmanian state – a truly amazing experience and one that we will never forget.

Recently, I mentioned that my Great Aunty Joan has been staying with my family to escape the cold winters she has at home in Tasmania. I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time with her since she has been visiting and her stories of home have made me very reminiscent of our past adventures. As time flies by though, I remember the smaller details of our month of travels less and less and my Aunty Joan has inspired me to write about them here to document them forever. I hope you’ll discover a little something about Tasmania along the way!

New Year’s Day 2011: ready to set off for our first great adventure together!

So on New Year’s Day 2011, with Ty’s ute packed to the hilt with camping gear and a month’s worth of necessities, Ty and I set off for Melbourne. Of course we weren’t attempting to reach Melbourne on the first day – it’s at least a 20 hour drive from Brisbane – so we gave ourselves four days to get there. In the end, we arrived a day early allowing us time to soak up Melbourne city. We stayed with Ty’s aunt, uncle and cousins and did a quick bit of shopping in the city, before visiting the enormous Melbourne Cricket Ground (or MCG) to watch a game of cricket. I’d only ever seen the stadium on TV so I was pretty excited to appreciate it’s enormity in person, even if it was to watch a cricket game!

The Melbourne Cricket Ground

Bright and early the following day, we set out for Port Melbourne to board the Spirit of Tasmania. For those of you who don’t know, the Spirit of Tasmania sails between Port Melbourne and Devonport, on the northern coast of Tasmania, twice daily and can carry up to 1400 people and over 500 cars. Complete with bars, cafes, restaurants, live entertainment, accommodation options, a children’s play room, an on-board shop, travel information centre and cinema, the enormity of this ferry is really quite hard to convey in words!

Good bye Melbourne!

Ty and I took the day time ferry for our trip over to Tasmania and the night time ferry for our trip back to Melbourne just for something different. Overall, I would say I preferred the night time ferry – 9 hours is a long time to spend on a boat, even one as luxurious as this. Of course we spent a good chunk of that time exploring the ship but sleeping in a bed in our cute and quiet cabin was much preferable to trying to pass the time in a chair with noisy people all around!

Braving the winds and thrashing sea on the deck of the Spirit of Tasmania
Crossing paths with the second Spirit of Tasmania vessel

Eventually, after 9 hours sailing the Bass Strait, the ship docked and we drove nearly four hours from Devonport to Hobart to stay with my Aunt and Uncle for a few days. Their home provided us with the most perfect location from which to explore the incredible Hobart city and surrounds.

Hobart is kind of the ideal city in my mind – it’s beyond beautiful, has a huge amount of history, beautiful historic buildings and isn’t too big but still offers absolutely everything a big city offers! After a very long day of travel and a late night, we awoke the next morning to our urban paradise. So the adventure had begun!

What is your favourite way to travel? By air, by road or by sea?

Thanks so much for reading! XO

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