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Port Arthur Ghost Tour, Tasmania

Firstly, thank you so much for all your warm wishes after yesterday’s post. You are all the sweetest! We are in full party prep mode over here and can’t wait until Saturday is here.

Now onto a very scary experience – the Port Arthur ghost tour!

With almost two centuries of documented sightings and reports of paranormal activity, the old convict settlement of Port Arthur is the most haunted historical site in Australia. After a day of exploring the settlement, we signed up for the walking, lantern-lit Ghost Tour to explore the Port Arthur historic site by night. When we arrived, it had started to rain and it was completely absent of all the signs and sounds of life that had been there during the day. I’d never really paid much attention to ghost stories before but I tell you, there was something about this place that felt eerie and intense once night fell.

As the guide gathered our group of about 20 people around to begin the tour, I was starting to feel slightly nervous about the impending tour. So when Ty volunteered to be the lantern holder at the back of the tour group, I looked at him in horror. Hello! We’ve all seen enough scary movies in our time to know that the people of the edge of the group are always the first to go, duh! I tried to persuade Ty to give up lantern duty and to “stick to the middle of the group where we’d be safest”, but of course he and everyone else thought I was just being funny (ha ha ha).

Little did they know, this place was freaking. me. out!

Worried that I’d see something I’d never be able to forget, I kept my eyes on the ground as much as I could during the tour, apart from when I’d quickly look up to check Ty was still where I thought he should be, meaning the ghosts hadn’t gotten to him yet.

We were led along pathways between darkened ruins while the guide told us stories about the bizarre occurrences that had been reported there during Port Arthur’s history. By the time we neared the end of the tour, I had regained my rationality, some semblance of composure, and maybe a shred of dignity, and was walking with Ty, the lantern bearer, at the back of the group. I even managed to venture off by myself to snap this picture of the lantern bearer himself!

But when we reached the asylum building, my composure wavered. It was impossible not to feel that something very bad had happened there. Due to some of the extreme psychological punishments endured by convicts, many of them later inhabited the asylum. The guide was a great storyteller, but when she told us stories of ghost attacks on tourists in the asylum, Ty and I were ready for the tour to be over!

Thankfully, this was our last stop along the walking tour and we made it back safe and sound to (our pitch black, in the middle of the woods) camping site not long after. This 90 minute ghost tour certainly delivers – for the reasonable price of $25 per adult, you definitely get a taste for what you’ve signed up for! And if you think you’re not easily scared, I dare you to go on a Port Arthur Ghost Tour – it’ll certainly change that! I tell you, I tried to think only of happy thoughts as I went to sleep that night.

So tell me, do you scare easily? Would you enjoy a ghost tour of a haunted historical site?

Thanks so much for reading! XO

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