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A Summer To-Do List

Today is the first day of spring and I couldn’t be happier! Travelling in the northern hemisphere during our last two Australian summers means it has been a long time since I’ve been able to enjoy some good proper warmer weather!

Since I’m a sucker for lists of every kind, and because I’m so happy summer is on its way, I’ve put together a list of fun little indulgences that I hope to achieve this summer! All are designed to help me savour and get the most out of the warmest months of the year. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far…

1. Master my own signature cocktail. Summer days are for enjoying a lovely refreshing cocktail outside on a warm summer evening and I plan to master a recipe this summer!

2. Learn how to BBQ. It’s the Aussie way of life during summertime but I am yet to learn how to work my way around a BBQ. I’m hoping Ty and my Dad can assist me with this one!

3. Remember to eat dinner outside, under the stars in the fresh balmy air, at least once a week. (Bug zappers will be a necessity!)

4. Host a dinner party. I’ve always wanted to host a dinner party for family and/or friends, but have never actually made it happen. This summer I hope to put my signature cocktail and new found BBQing skills to the test with an alfresco dinner party, surrounded by family and friends.

5. Go to a drive-in movie theatre. I’ve never been before and think this would be such a cute date night idea. I recently discovered that the town over from ours hosts drive-in movies during the warmer months! So excited!

6.  Spend a weekend camping at the beach, complete with a bonfire, marshmallows, lots of swimming, relaxing and beach reading!

7. Make friends with someone who has a pool. (No explanation necessary.)

8. String fairy lights in the backyard for impromtu alfresco dining and after work relaxation (see points 3 and 4).

9. Make my own fresh fruit ice blocks for a yummy treat on a hot summer’s day.

10. Make a shade cloth to keep our herb garden safe from the sizzling effects of the burning Aussie sun!

This list makes me so excited for the warmer months ahead!

I’d love to know – what are you most looking forward to this summer?

Thanks for sharing! XO

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