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Two Ways With A Sparrow Print Dress

I spent an early Wednesday morning in Pop’s garden recently and watched the sun rise on what was to be a gorgeous Spring day. Aside from dangling my feet over the pool’s edge and sipping my morning coffee with nothing but birdsong for company, I spent the morning twirling in my favourite sparrow-print dress and taking photos of flowers and things.

Pop’s house is one of my favourite places to visit. My Nan and Pop moved from Tasmania to Queensland when I was young and so we started getting to see a lot more of them then. Over the years, their home became our ‘home away from home’, which is exactly how they wanted it. The pantry was always stocked full of lollies and chocolates for us before every visit. Nan would cook beautiful meals that she knew we loved, like homemade pie, chow mein and the best roasts around.

The summer they built a pool in the backyard was one of the greatest summer’s of my life. I remember spending way too long in the sun, floating around on blow-up armchairs, diving for treasure, singing “Marco Polo” and pretend-pushing my Dad into the pool every chance we got. Even though he’d let us do it every single time – and I’m sure we knew that even then – it always bought us such unprecedented excitement each and every time we did it!

Now that I’m not so little anymore, I’ve looked beyond the pool and it’s the garden at Pop’s I love most of all. While Nan was alive, it grew wildly and with abandonment. Nowadays, the garden is more curated and paired back thanks to Pop’s love for “projects”. It never fails to amaze me how verdant and lush everything looks at the Gold Coast, and compared to the countryside where we live, it’s always the first thing I notice when I step out into Pop’s garden.

I think every girl has in her closet one dress that she loves above all others. For me, it’s this dress. I bought it years ago from Target and it’s the kind of dress that instantly makes me feel pretty and put together, even though it’s very simple, and I regularly wish I had another to serve as replacement should this one ever wear out.

My Outfit Details
Dress – Target, similar here
Sandals – Novo Shoes, love these too
Hat – Rigon Headwear, similar here

For now though, it’s still going strong, and in the warmer months, I love to wear it with sandals and my new favourite hat. I wear this dress all year round, and today I’m especially excited to share a fun collaboration with the lovely Kimi to demonstrate the seasonal versatility of a dress we both love so much. Do click on over to Kimi’s post to see her gorgeous Autumnal styling of her sparrow-print dress!

Do you have an article of clothing you love to wear year round? And tell me about the dress hanging in your closet that you love above all others! I’d love to hear about it 🙂 XO

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