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South of France Travel Diary

Our five days in the South of France, exploring the region’s treasures, countryside, cities and sights, while still managing to take things at a leisurely pace, really was the perfect end to our French adventure. We’d spend our mornings in much the same way, with a home cooked breakfast of fresh mushrooms sauteed with the most amazing French butter, garlic, salt and pepper, served on toasted slices of fresh baguettes bought from the local boulangerie. We’d drink freshly pressed coffee and loose leaf tea, while watching an episode of Gossip Girl or two, and then we’d happily ready ourselves for the day ahead.

Lauren and I arrived in the picturesque medieval village of Saint Jeannet on a Thursday afternoon and met our wonderful Airbnb hosts Claude and Muriel – I would recommend this Airbnb home to anyone and everyone as it was responsible for so much of what we loved about our time in Saint Jeannet – before setting off to explore the village while the sun was still high enough. Of course, the village itself was so breathtakingly beautiful, and fairytale-like, I devoted a whole post to it earlier this week, and to be honest, Lauren and I are still talking about Saint Jeannet!

The rest of our time in Saint Jeannet was spent either zipping around the region in our little hire car (a Peugeot, because it had to be French, right?), shopping in Nice, strolling along the French Riviera, marveling at the beauty of the Cote d’Azur, and taking a rather ill-fated trip across the border into Monaco. It was on that particular day that I wore my favourite Breton striped top with my pale blue vintage midi skirt, paired with a brown belt (to keep the skirt in place – it was a tad too big for me and I forgot to get it altered before packing my bags for Europe!), my pale pink blazer from a million years ago, my favourite d’Orsay flats, which sadly took their final outing on this day, and a layered necklace. I felt very comfortable, and French-inspired, and we couldn’t wait to get to Monaco to see the sights and do some shopping with my sister.

Well, I feel like we saw all the sights alright, as we drove around the whole of Monaco for a least an hour trying to find a park. The streets were narrow and crowded, completely packed full of cars, not to mention people, and after spending an hour in the car becomingly increasingly frustrated by the lack of a single car space, we decided it wasn’t meant to be and drove back to Nice. Monaco is lovely of course, but I’m not really sad we missed it. The views from the drive from Nice to Monaco and back again more than made the trip worth it, and the shopping in Nice really can’t be beat in my opinion.

We spent the afternoon getting our Sephora fix, browsing all the local shops, discovering a new favourite in Etam, and enjoying a rather late lunch by the end of it. We ordered the quintessential Croque Monsieur and it didn’t disappoint! Honestly, our last full day in the South of France might not have gone exactly to plan, but Lauren and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. It was perfect just the way it was.

Photos taken by Lauren

Have your travel plans ever gone completely out the window, but your day/trip ended up being wonderful anyway? I feel like this happens all the time with travelling so I’d love to hear your stories below in the comments! Thanks so much for reading! XO

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