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Postcards from Toronto

Happy Thursday to you all back home! I hope this week has been as productive as it has been wonderful.
It’s Wednesday here and Ty and I had planned a day trip to Niagara Falls, but as the weather hasn’t cooperated at all, I thought I’d take a few moments to tell you what we’ve been up to since arriving in the city of Toronto.
Staying in the city centre is ideal for exploring the city by foot, even in this freezing cold weather, as everything is so close by! Its perfect. And when the bitter wind is blowing so hard, you can easily pop into any one of the bazillion coffee shops around for a few moments to warm up and prepare for the next onslaught of wind. The city is so pretty – to me, it’s such an eclectic mix of old world and modern architecture, which I just love. Modern day shops reside in charming old stone buildings. Towering Gothic Revival style churches are surrounded by a landscape of contemporary skyscrapers. It creates intrigue and cultivates an other worldly feel. So yesterday we rugged up and braved the cold to visit St Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto. I snapped a few images to share with you as we made our way the short distance to the Market to highlight the incredible landscape of old and new.

Now apparently, according to National Geographic, St Lawrence Market is the number one food market in the WORLD and represents a unique and authentic piece of Toronto’s history. 
We enjoyed strolling the laneways and discovering the hidden gems of this bustling market place. I found the most beautiful fabric shop which made me wish so much that I could sew and it made me think of my amazingly talented Mum, who is an incredible sew-er (is this the correct term, Mum?).
Coffees and delicious bakery treats were consumed (far too quickly for me to snap a picture!) and some yummy fresh food was purchased. It was the absolute perfect way for us to spend a wintery afternoon in the city.

Tomorrow will be a big day for us as we are hoping to see Niagara Falls before we head to Ottawa. Fingers crossed the snow storm lets up for us and the weather behaves itself somewhat!
From Toronto, with love xo

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