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Shopping in Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, in particular the Gion district, is dotted throughout with the most lovely array of enticing stores bursting with beautiful Japanese wares. It’s the kind of place that a shopping addict must venture very carefully, for fear of becoming consumed by the need to purchase one of everything and having a hard time hauling it all home with a 20kg luggage limit.
One cold, rainy morning in Kyoto, after tucking my poor fiance who had taken ill up in bed, I ventured out to do a little shopping. I was on the lookout for a lovely set of authentic Japanese-made chopsticks to take home. Before long, I’d stumbled across the Wabi Kyo Craft store – a very happy incidental finding, indeed! – on Gion’s main street Shijo Dori.  

Immediately, it was their fabrics, textiles, stationery and adorable tea cups that caught my eye and I spent a good few hours daydreaming and wandering the aisles, before I even remembered my original quest to find chopsticks! Everything in Wabi Kyo Craft was beautiful.

After all that, I finally decided on some beautiful chopsticks for Ty and I. I have the fondest memories of my little shopping expedition every time we use our Japanese chopsticks, and I can’t wait to go back to Japan. This time with an empty suitcase!

Do you enjoy exploring the local shops when travelling? What is your favourite purchase made while travelling?

Time to formally announce the winners of my Kikki K giveaway! I emailed the three lovely ladies who were the winners of my Kikki K giveaway last week, but I wanted to take this opportunity to formally announce them, and also thank you all so much for your participation! I loved reading where you are all hoping to travel to in 2015! To Tabitha, Melissa and Leanne, your pretty leather jewellery wraps are in the mail as we speak 🙂

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