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Postcards from Vancouver Island

Last Friday we set off sail across the pristine waters of the North Pacific Ocean to arrive on the northern peninsula of Vancouver Island. Our home for the week was nestled in the countryside in central Saanich, not far from Brentwood Bay, and offered us a beautiful location from which to explore the peninsula. Lavender gardens, hobby farms and friendly country folk welcomed us to the neighbourhood. The air was crisp, fresh and rejuvenating.
Sidney, a quaint seaside town on the northern tip of the peninsula, offered magnificent views of the Nothern Pacific and tasty treats from the huge homestyle bakery. Ty fell in love with North American sugar donuts, or “Doeys” as he affectionately calls them. Nanaimo Bars (slice) are my favourite so far. They have a chocolate biscuit coconut base, a creamy custard filling and a thick soft chocolate top – needless to say they are delicious! The main street of Sidney was lined with bookstores, boutique clothing stores, restaurants and cafes advertising their holiday coffee specials including gingerbread, pumpkin spice, chocolate chai and eggnog lattes and peppermint mochas. So delicious! 
We visited the breathtaking gardens at the Horticultural Centre and enjoyed a hot, hearty lunch in the cafe when it got increasingly difficult to ignore the cold that was setting in. We took a walk through the forests close to home on a drizzly day and the mist that hung about the air only added to the captivating beauty. An inlet ran through the forest and the water was so still and glassy I was able to capture perfect reflections of the forests and boats in the water on my camera. 
We visited the Sea Cidery for cider tastings and a quick stroll around the grounds in the cute farming town of Saanichton. We took a drive along the long, winding country roads to take in the beautiful landscape of rolling hills, fir tree forests and green pastures. The sights were breathtaking.
A week in the country has been such a wonderful experience and I’m so grateful we took the time to appreciate the wilderness and wildness of Vancouver Island before we head to Victoria, the capital of British Colombia, for a few days of sightseeing. Both Ty and I will admit to missing WiFi  and mobile reception though!
After three weeks, we are feeling well and truly settled and at home in this beautiful country. Tyrone and I are truly lucky. I hope this post finds you all well at home. We miss you all like crazy! Love to all of you back home.
From Brentwood Bay, with love xo

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