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Road Trip Essentials!

Road trip essentials

When I was younger, road trips were definitely not my idea of a fun time. Nor, I can imagine, were they for my parents. My siblings and I would entertain ourselves by playing ‘the corner game’ which would inevitably end in a fight (or all out war, depending on the day). I have a few painful memories of us having to be separated by the middle seat, where we would sit silently mouthing (so as not to be heard by Mum and Dad) death threats to each. Ahhh…those were the days 😉

Nowadays, thankfully, times have changed and car journeys are actually enjoyable again! I always look forward to road trips with Ty and we certainly have embarked on a fair few over the last few years. From our six months travelling around North America, to our month long road trip around the Australian state of Tasmania, and to all the trips in between, road trips have kind of become a favourite way of ours to travel!

Ty always packs snack food (something I tend to forget, but should remember as I have a tendency to get hangry (angry hungry) very quickly), we usually get a coffee for the road, we chat the time away, and we sometimes listen to a little music (although we usually forget because we are too busy talking!).

I thought it’d be fun to share my road trip essentials here on Let Us Wanderlust, and hope you might like to share what your road trip essentials would be! Here goes!

Coffee // Medium-sized lattes times two, please.

Sunglasses // Nothing worst than being blinded by the sun, having to hide behind the visor the whole way, or super squinty eyes.

iPhone // For music and navigation. If I’m driving, Google Maps is my life line (I’m directionally challenged).

Lip balm + hand cream // On hand to combat the inevitable skin dryness that I develop thanks to air con or heating.

Hair ties + bobby pins // Don’t know what it is, but as soon as I get in a car, my hair has to go up! No ifs, buts, or maybes about it.

Pen // I’ve been caught out to many times to count, so I always make sure to have a pen in my bag these days, especially when travelling!

A practical bag // Love my new back pack (I totally copied my twin and bought the same one as her) and take it everywhere. So practical!

My camera // Because it’s never a bad idea to take a camera when travelling, you know?

And aside from a stock pile of water (that I forgot to include in my collage), that’s it! Shall we have a discussion in the comments about what you can’t live without when on the road?? What are your road trip essentials?

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