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A Rendezvous Atop Mont Royal, Montreal

In the very early hours of Thursday morning, Ty and I picked up my beautiful sister Dimity from Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport in Montreal. After nearly 30 hours of traveling, Dimity was so excited to finally have her feet firmly on the ground, and in Canada nonetheless, and we are so excited to share two weeks of our North American adventures with her!

With the traveling duo becoming the traveling trio, we rugged up for a day exploring the small hill of Mont Royal and the surrounding neighbourhood. The hill lies west of the centre-ville, or downtown city centre, and we had heard the views from the summit are unrivalled by any other vantage point in the city. This seemed the perfect recipe for the perfect first day in Montreal, discovering the gorgeous city views and seeing the city from above in all its entirety.
We walked along the icy and wooden walkways the short distance to the top where we reached the belvedere – a semi circle plaza with a a cozy chalet. 

Here we had sweeping views of the city. Standing at only 233 metres tall, Mont Royal certainly isn’t a large hill by any stretch of the imagination but the views it offered were exquisite. The aesthetic was made even more divine by the weather gods being kind to us and for the first day in as many as I can count we had soaring crystalline blue skies and a bright cheery sun shining down on us.
A heavenly afternoon atop the hill was made absolutely perfect when Ty spied a squirrel scampering across the glistening fallen snow, in search of something – maybe an acorn! I scrambled about over the slippery ice to snap as few photographs to show you just how adorable he was! He was so friendly and ventured so close to us. I only wish I had an acorn to give him!

From Québec City, with love xo

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