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Rainy Days in North Vancouver

Today, it has been exactly one month since we arrived in this beautiful country and that seems a good enough reason as any for an early week blog post. We are currently exploring the city of North Vancouver and from a short distance from our apartment we have spectacular views of Downtown Vancouver and the famous sails at Canada Place. 
The weather has made an early change from Fall to Winter within the last week, with near constant rain in Vancouver, and heavy snow fall in just about everywhere else in the country. The cold, rainy weather has meant we’ve had lots of time relaxing, reading, going to the movies, visiting coffee houses for little coffee dates and doing some forward planning for our trip. It has also given us the perfect pause in our busy schedule of sightseeing to do the more menial, but very important, jobs like organizing snow chains for our SUV.
I’ve really been enjoying this weather as it’s fun dressing up in Autumn outfits with boots, jeans, pretty tops and jackets. The cold weather never lasts for long in Australia and depending on where you live, it scarcely gets all that cold anyway, so I’ve been making the most of it! Soon enough though it’ll be beanie, scarf, gloves, layers-on-layers and heavy winter coat weather, particularly as we move into the Rocky Mountains and in the interior and Prairie provinces where daily average temperatures can be anywhere between -15 and -40 degrees Celsius. Brrrrrrr. 
In other exciting news, Ty and I  finally decided on where we will spend Christmas this year. Banff! We are so excited for a White Christmas and enjoying the North American Christmas festivities. Happy Tuesdasy to you all back home! Hope you have a great week.
From North Vancouver, with love xo 
(Pictures from the top: I haven’t had much of a chance to get the camera out lately as we have been staying indoors with all this rain! But the rain brings a certain beauty of its own. It has allowed us to enjoy our cute apartment (the first picture shows some of the gorgeous furnishings), it has been perfect soup making weather, and perfect for cups of tea and blogging. The forests are so beautiful in the rain, particularly if you capture a rare moment of sunshine peaking through the canopy and for spying a reindeer standing above a waterfall!)

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