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12 Hours in Mykonos

Set within the Aegean Sea, the Greek Island of Mykonos is a true surprise package. Renowned for its non-stop and never-ending party atmosphere, this is perhaps the number one reason travellers flock to Greece’s most popular island destination each year.

While I love a good party as much as the next person, it’s not usually what I revel in when travelling so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect during our recent visit to Mykonos.
What we found though was a paradise of whitewashed buildings, a riot of colour, cascades of bougainvillea, glossy boutiques, beautiful beaches, winding stone alleyways and wonderful people. It is as pretty as a picture, and offers a great deal more than just a great nightlife.

If you are planning a visit or just dreaming about the Greek Islands, here are 7 top things not to miss when visiting Mykonos.

1// Explore Chora

Chora is the Old Town of Mykonos and is a warren of narrow alleyways, rolling hills, tiny churches, flowering geraniums and cubical stone buildings. It’s the perfect place to wander and lose yourself for a few hours. The alleyways are dotted with jewellery, art and clothing boutiques, and a million photo-ops at every turn.











2// Take in the view from above

From the Old Town, take any one of the outdoor staircases and ascend above the town to admire the stunning panoramic vista before you.







3// Admire the beautiful front doors

Providing quite the contrast against the stark whiteness of the stone buildings, the colourful front doors you’ll find in Mykonos are beautiful. FYI, it’s totally ok to have a thing with doors when they are as pretty as the ones in Mykonos. #obsessed




4// Wander Little Venice

Where the most western part of town meets the sea is known as Little Venice. With buildings, bars and cafes precariously perched on the edge of the sea, it is the perfect spot to explore, grab a bite to eat, sip a punchy cocktail and enjoy the gorgeous sweeping views of Mykonos.




5// Visit the Windmills (Kato Mili)

Sailing into the harbour, the first glimpse of Mykonos is usually accompanied by sighting the island’s most famous landmark – a grouping of four ancient windmills on a small finger of land overlooking the town’s waterfront and the Little Venice quarter.

6// Beach hop

Mykonos has no shortage of beautiful golden beaches to choose from. The island is only relatively small though so it’s entirely possible to hop from one beautiful beach to the next all within the space of a day. The best organised beaches are on the southern side of the island and are also the most crowded during peak season. The equally beautiful but less organised beaches on the island’s northern side offer a quieter and calmer beach experience.



7// Sip a cocktail and watch the sunset

What better way to end the day than watching the sunset over Mykonos, with a delicious cocktail in hand. Stop at Little Venice to watch the sky turn its pretty pastel hue, or head to the beach and bask in the last glow of that beautiful Greek sun.

So what do you think? Is Mykonos for you? I have a feeling I already know the answer!

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