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Pleated Maxi Skirt

With beautiful, sun-drenched days, pastel pink sunsets, breakfasts on the patio and day trips to the beach, I don’t remember ever loving a Summer as much as I have loved this one. 

I’ve always been more of an Autumn-loving girl in the past, preferring the milder temperatures of Autumn in Australia to the grossly hot and humid days that Summer are usually remembered for, but moving inland to the countryside means we mostly skip the humidity that saturates the East Coast, and I’m most definitely Team Summer now!  

Added to that is how transformed the landscape looks this Summer compared to last. Growing up in the country, Summer in Australia was usually synonymous with sun-scorched grass and cracked earth in my experience, but the rain we had in the early season reached even some of the worst drought-affected areas this year and I couldn’t be happier for the green and healthy countryside I wake up to each day.

Needless to say, we’ve been out exploring every chance we get, and I’m determined to hold onto these glorious days and make the most out of everything Summer has to offer before the season’s end. 

One of my favourite ways of doing this is by making day trips on the weekends to some of my old-favourite and new-favourite places in our surrounding area. Having been bitten by the travel bug many years ago, I’m often daydreaming about exotic destinations far and wide, and often miss the local places we have to discover right on our doorstep. SO it’s been great to to reset and focus on the amazing Australian locations awaiting us this Summer!

So a few weekends ago, Tyrone and I hopped in the car and made the 90 minute drive to Toowoomba. At 125 km west of Brisbane, this city is easily doable as a day trip, but definitely better done over a weekend. I went to high school in Toowoomba so spent a great deal of my teenage years exploring the city, and while these days most of our time spent in Toowoomba involves running the errands we can’t run in our tiny country town, it’s a city I love to show Ty around whenever the opportunity arises. 

On this particular day, we decided to take ourselves out for lunch. I led Ty straight to Gip’s Restaurant (120 Russell Street), a spot I’d been dying to visit ever since the early days of our wedding planning (we briefly considered it for the location of our wedding, just before the idea of getting married at my childhood home popped into my head and never left 😉 ). Set among beautifully curated gardens and housed in one of Toowoomba’s most historic buildings, this restaurant is a local gem and should definitely make your Toowoomba itinerary should you ever visit. 

We sat outside in the garden courtyard, I wore my favourite Summer uniform of a flowy maxi skirt and a pretty crop top and it couldn’t have felt like a more perfect Summer’s day! I never thought I’d get into the crop top trend but when paired with the right high-waisted skirt, it’s a look I’ve really been loving. Perfect for this gorgeous Summer weather!

There is a story behind the pleated maxi skirt, and I never fail to think about it whenever I wear it. I found it about five years ago while rummaging through the clothing at a charity sale the hospital I was working at was holding to raise money for breast cancer research. Maxi skirts weren’t really my style back then but I really wanted to buy something just to contribute (I’d already tried donating without buying anything but the sweet old lady at the counter wouldn’t hear of it and insisted I find something). This vintage Country Road skirt was the only thing that fit, and so I bought it and I’ve loved this simple, relaxed style ever since.

The lace crop top is a recent addition I found in Dotti and I have worn it so many times since, including to my sister’s engagement party and most recently to my cousin’s wedding in Tasmania this past weekend. It’s the kind of piece that instantly makes me feel prettier and makes any outfit feel that little bit more polished. Majorly obsessed!

Outfit details: Skirt – Country Road, no longer available, love this one and this one | Top – Dotti, sold out, similar here | Necklace – Colette Hayman | Sunglasses – similar here | Shoes – Novo, on sale! | Clutch – Colette Hayman
Do you have a favourite outfit of late? Let me know in the comments, and as always, thank you so much for reading! XO

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