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Reception at ‘Marayne’

Into The Marquee

Even though the butterflies that had been flapping intermittently in my stomach all day had been calm for the last few hours, they returned in full glory as we stood before the marquee ready to make our entrance as husband and wife. We could hear the chatter and laughter of our friends and family and it warmed my heart so much knowing they were all only a few feet away (and that they’d all managed to find their seats!).

Dimity and Ryan disappeared through the entrance way first, followed by Lauren and Ryan, and then we were alone. It was the first moment of the entire day that we had had to ourselves and standing there in the dark hand-in-hand with my husband made all those nerves float away. There was no room for any other emotion in my entire being but happiness.

I’d been able to have many sneak peaks at the marquee in the days and hours leading up to this very moment, but nothing compared to how beautiful it was to us when we first walked in as husband and wife. The entire place glowed, from the strings of fairy lights, the many flames of tealight candles and the happy, beaming faces that all turned towards us. I remember seeing the floral arrangements my Mum had created to decorate the back wall of the marquee and feeling so proud of everything we had created in that space.

Dinner was served promptly at 7, which was a good thing too because it had been hours since I’d eaten or even had a sip of anything! The food was absolutely incredible – no one could stop raving about it! Every mouthful was more scrumptious than the last, which hardly seemed possible but was true, and before long our plates were clean. We watched as our guests finished their meals and got to know each other over another glass of wine, and I remember just sitting there staring all around me thinking “I can’t believe this is our wedding!”. I could see both of our parents just in front of us and it made me so, so happy to see how much fun they were having together on their table. Just as the plates were cleared, I could feel the nerves re-emerge and radiate from Tyrone beside me and I knew it was nearly time for the speeches…

The Speeches

I had been nervous all day about the wedding reception speeches. While I wasn’t planning on speaking, I felt second-hand nerves for all those that were! I felt especially nervous for my Dad because I knew how emotional the day had been for him watching his eldest daughter marry a man that he was so proud to know, and I knew he’d struggle getting the words out when the time came.

Mum lightened the mood by kicking off the speeches with a very funny recount of the first time I told her I was going on a date with a boy named Tyrone. Lots and lots of laughter was shared among all our guests at the retelling of that one! Then it was Dad’s turn. There wasn’t a dry eye to be seen as my Dad tried to get the words out and I couldn’t help but leave my seat and give him a big hug during the middle of his speech. I wanted him to know that I wasn’t going anywhere, and even when I’m old and grey, I’ll always, always be his little girl.

After that, Ty’s Dad Andy spoke of a hilarious anecdote about how Ty realised I was the one (the story was so clever and played on our last names!) and the laughter was just what we all needed! My twin sister Lauren spoke on behalf of Dimity and her and again the tears welled in my eyes as she so beautifully spoke of what it meant to her to watch her sister find the man of her dreams.

Then it was Ty’s turn. He so beautifully thanked our families for all the work that went into bringing our wedding day to life, and my parents for helping me realise my dream of getting married at ‘Marayne’. His emotional words about finding me, his soul mate, made the tears well up once again and as I watched him finish his speech, I couldn’t have felt more proud of him in that moment.

Finally, Ty’s brother Ryan spoke and told a story from his childhood about the first time he really realised what it meant to have a little brother and how they have always been each other’s best friend. It was so sweet! And then our glasses were raised, we toasted to our marriage and just like that the speeches were over.

Party Time!

Not long after the conclusion of the speeches, and after another round of moving through the tables catching up with our family and friends, I asked Mum if she thought Ty and I could have our first dance soon. As strange as it sounds, it was the last part of the day that I was really nervous about, and I was about ready for all the nervousness to finally be done with!

So after cutting the amazing three-tiered red velvet wedding cake my Mum had made us…

…Ty took my hand and lead me to the dance floor just as the first few notes of our song filled the air.

It took us a long time to choose a song for our first dance, and during an evening of listening to potential songs many, many weeks before, I played ‘From This Moment’ by Shaina Twain for Tyrone. It was a song I’d loved since childhood, having first heard it when I was in early primary school and to my great surprise, Ty knew the words too. After only a few notes in, he said ‘this is the one’.

We stood there together really listening to the words (…’I give my hand to you with all my heart…can’t wait to live my life with you, can’t wait to start…you and I will never be apart, my dreams came true because of you’) and as soon as the song finished all our moments of indecisiveness on song choice were behind us. It was perfect.

We beckoned our parents onto the dance floor half way through the song, and then our bridal party, and as music continued to play, the rest of our guests joined us. Before long, the shoes were kicked off, I removed my veil, the lights were turned low and the music played long into the night. Aside from 20 or so minutes hovering over the dessert buffet and devouring a piece of our red velvet wedding cake, the dance floor is pretty much where we stayed!

^^ The evening wouldn’t have been complete without a conga line!!

In the end, it was me that had to drag Tyrone off the dance floor at 1 o’clock in the morning of October fourth and as we got into our car, we couldn’t stop talking about the magic of the day before. It had passed faster than we ever thought it could and it had been more perfect than we ever thought to wish for. With my husband’s arm around me, I emotionally waved goodbye to our wedding day as our car disappeared down the long drive way.

When I look back on the photos from our wedding day, I’m reminded of how I felt in each and every moment. I remember the happy faces of our family and friends, I remember the words spoken by our celebrant, I remember the look on Ty’s face when we locked eyes for the first time as I was coming down that aisle. Reliving those moments here on the blog has been such an amazing, wonderful and emotional experience. Thank you so much for allowing me to walk you through our wedding day and for sharing these moments with me.

P.S. I’ll be sharing our list of suppliers and vendors tomorrow, so if you’re a Queensland bride-to-be do keep an eye out for that!

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