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The Ceremony

It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon on October the third, and those final moments before we left the house were a rush of emotions. The butterflies were out of control, and when I heard the first few notes of an acoustic version of ‘Marry Me’ by Train start to play, it felt as though those butterflies were going to finally break free. My heart was leaping higher and higher in my throat and I took the deepest, most calming breaths I could manage. Only a hundred metres away, Tyrone was nervous too…

I watched my sister Dimity, looking more beautiful and happy than I can ever remember, leave the house hand-in-hand with my beautiful niece Joni and make their way together down the aisle. Next, I watched my gorgeous twin sister, the one who has been by my side since day one, step out onto the veranda hand-in-hand with my handsome nephew Elliott, and there was no one left but myself and Dad. 

Dad linked his arm through mine, I told him I was supposed to link mine through his, and after that, there were no further words either of us could manage. As Dad’s eldest daughter and the first to get married, I knew what this moment meant to him, and to myself, but I couldn’t really look at him. I knew if I saw his emotional face, the tears would come and they wouldn’t stop. I was determined not to cry, only because I didn’t want to look sad as I made my way down the aisle. I wanted to look happy, because that’s how I felt. Insanely happy. (Obviously I didn’t want to look insane, just happy, but you know what I mean!)

Together Dad and I stepped out onto the veranda and we paused to look out towards our family and friends before we started the walk down the aisle. The happiest faces beamed all around us and when we got closer, I remember seeing the faces of my Mum, my brother, Ty’s Mum and Dad, his sisters, his brother and then finally, my groom and the tears that were welling in his eyes. 

If there ever was a moment to threaten those tears though, it was the moment my Dad and Ty met at the top of the aisle. I’ll never forget it – it was so heartwarming, in an almost heartbreaking kind of way – my Dad couldn’t speak, Ty couldn’t speak, and so they just embraced. I gave my Dad the biggest hug I could and then let go of his arm to join my almost-husband. 

^^ Such a touching moment between my Dad and Tyrone. Ty’s brother Ryan ‘s face really says it all.

The ceremony began and I just cannot express enough how absolutely wonderful it was. Truthfully, it was my favourite part of the whole day. I looked into Ty’s his eyes all throughout the ceremony and in some ways it felt like the longest time I’ve ever spent just looking into his face. I remember reaching up and wiping away his tears, and he steadying me when my own tears threatened to spill over as we said the vows we had written together. Our celebrant so beautifully described our meeting, what it meant to us to get married and why ‘Marayne’ (my family’s property) was so special to us.

^^ I can’t remember what was said here, but clearly it was hilarious 😉

We’d asked my brother and Ty’s sisters if they would do readings for us during our ceremony, which they did so beautifully. It meant so much to us to have our families involved in our wedding as much as possible and standing before my brother and my now sisters-in-law as they read their readings, my heart swelled with pride and happiness. I almost got teary listening to my ‘little’ brother (I should say younger brother, he towers over me these days!) read to us – it was just such a special moment for me.

And then, we were pronounced ‘husband and wife’, my groom kissed me and just like that, it was over. It felt as though we were floating on air as our friends and family came up to greet us and I can’t remember anything Ty and I said to each other except how much our cheeks hurt from smiling so hard, all the while smiling some more!

^^ Our joined families – I love them all to pieces!

Next up, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite photos from our bridal party photo session, and then the reception!

Thanks so much for reading and for all your beautiful comments on yesterday’s post, it really meant the world to me! XO

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