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Our Grand Canyon Photo Diary

A visit to the grandest of all canyons, aptly named the Grand Canyon, is a must on any travellers to do list. Ty and I opted to do a day trip out from Las Vegas to the south rim of the Grand Canyon and it was the most incredible day, from start to finish!
At 5.30am, we found ourselves waiting in the dark at a bus stop, and despite the early hour and the company of a few really dodgy characters, we were incredibly excited for the day ahead.
Our first stop for the day was just under an hour’s drive from Las Vegas at Hoover Dam. We took photograhs, stretched our legs, took in the crisp morning area and had fun travelling through time by jumping over the Nevada/Arizona State border line!
Four hours later, the long bus trip was well and truly worth it when we arrived at the Grand Canyon. My visit over a year ago was to the West Rim so seeing the South Rim was really special to both of us. The South Rim boasts Mather’s Point – the most highly photographed and most famous area of the Grand Canyon, offering the most spectacular canyon views. The sheer magnitude of the canyon is really quite inconceivable until you have actually viewed it with your own eyes. It’s impossible to capture its vastness in photographs but that didn’t stop us from trying!
Our second stop was at Bright Angel, where we indulged in waffle ice cream cones (mint choc chip for me and espresso for Ty, but only because they didn’t have boysenberry!) and took in more of the spectacular scenery. Ty listened to a wildlife life talk but I was too cold to stand in the shade so I took solace in the sunshine and sat on a warm rock overlooking the canyon. It felt like the most beautiful place on earth.
Our visit to the Grand Canyon was nothing short of incredile. We arrived home at a very late hour but couldn’t have been more grateful for our day exploring one of the Seven Wonders of the World. 
Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon, or do you have plans to visit one day? I’d really love to visit the remaining Six Wonders of the World now!
Thanks so much for reading! Xo

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