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North Shore Adventures in North Vancouver

Wow! We have had a truly amazing end to a magical 10 days in North Vancouver. After my last post, the sun finally came out and we’ve had glorious sunny days since. While it has been cold, the rays of sunshine compelled us to venture outside and enjoy the sun’s warmth, before it disappears again. 
So we did just that over the last few days and took day trips all over North Vancouver, from the Lynn Valley Canyon and  Suspension Bridges to the peaks of Mount Seymour and Cypress Mountain, where for the first time in Canada we saw snow! It was beauty at its most pristine, breathtaking and inspiring. We were completely in awe of the snow, the mountains, the scenery and the views. We had so much fun absorbing the sun’s rays and fresh alpine air while playing in the snow and even found an already-made snowman, who we named Frosty (as you do). 
In my opinion, Vancouver is a traveller’s dream come to life: it has charm, culture, the arts, the beautiful beaches, the majestic mountains and the snow right on its doorstep. Not many cities in the world can offer it all, but Vancouver does and the spirit of adventure is all-consuming and undeniably contagious. We have adored our time in Vancouver. But all good things must come to an end and the time has come for us to say goodbye and head north to Squamish (half way between Vancouver and Whistler) where we will stay for a week before our ascent to Whistler and the Rocky Mountains. Life is so great. We are enjoying it as it comes at us, savouring and delighting in each and every moment and making memories that will last us a life time. 
Love to you all back at home, and thank you for your comments on the blog! It means so much to know you are reading and following our North American adventures.
From the Sea-to-Sky Highway, en-route to Squamish, with love xo
(Pictures from the top: 1. The snow has arrived!! And what better way to enjoy it then on a beautifully sunny Autumn day atop Mount Seymour. 2. The magical landscape of Mount Seymour. 3. Can you spot me?? (Photo credit: Tyrone). 4. Thank goodness for our awesome waterproof snow boots otherwise we we would not have been able to enjoy the snow without freezing, wet feet! 5. Tyrone atop Mount Seymour, North Vancouver. 6. Me atop Mount Seymour (photo credit: Tyrone. I swear it’s an actual photograph and not me superimposed on a green screen, even if it looks like it!) 7. The snow-covered alpine forest was so beautiful. 8. Another one of Tyrone in the snow and sunshine atop Mount Seymour. 9. We found Frosty The Snowman hiding out on Cypress Mountain, North Vancouver! (Photo credit: Tyrone). 10. Uh oh, the snowmen had Tyrone surrounded! 11. Ty underneath the Olympic Rings on Cypress Mountain’s peak. 12. View of the city of Vancouver observed from the mountainous drive. 13. Ty walking the Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver. 14. A hidden waterfall in Lynn Valley Provincial Park, North Vancouver. 15. Me swaying on the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge, North Vancouver. (Photo credit: Tyrone). 16. The water in Lynn Valley River was green and freezing! 17. It was so quiet and peaceful in the park. View of Lynn Valley River from the rocks. 18. Beautiful autumn colors in the park. 19. Snow-capped mountains on Vancouver’s North Shore. I can’t remember whether this is Cypress, Seymour or Grouse Mountain! 20. The iconic Lions Gate Bridge, linking West and North Vancouver to Stanley Park and the city centre. 21. The breathtaking mountainous views along the Sea-to-Sky Highway en-route to Squamish from Vancouver.)

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