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Nan’s Choc Cherry Coconut Slice

As a little girl, I have the fondest memories of visits my family and I would take to see my beautiful Nan – my Dad’s mum. She lived quite a way away from us, and whenever we would make the long trip out to visit, she would always, without a doubt, have a homemade delectable treat hidden away in a tin that would make its way out over a cup of tea. She is English – very English, as she would tell you, and doesn’t believe in coffee, so it was always tea! And her Choc Cherry Coconut Slice was always my favourite.

Nowadays, I’m not too sure whether she would remember this recipe, as sadly her memory isn’t what it used to be, but we all do. This recipe will forever be synonymous with lovely visits with Nan in her cozy, beautifully-decorated flat that blessed my childhood.
Over Christmas, which seems so long ago now that it’s almost silly!, after all these years, Mum pulled out Nan’s recipe and decided to make it for her. Being the nostalgic young woman I am, and being that I love to bake (especially with my Mum), I wanted to help, and so I learnt how to make this recipe for the first time. Mum and I sat out on Ty and my front patio and took it in turns crushing biscuits with a rolling pin, and then went back inside to bring this surprisingly simple, and yet sinfully delicious, recipe together. 


125g Copha (a form of coconut oil only available in Australia – but any coconut oil should do the trick!)
1 can (395g) of condensed milk
250g crushed plain biscuits
250g coconut
125g cherries, chopped
200g milk or dark chocolate, for topping


1// Melt the Copha in a medium sized saucepan over low heat. Once melted, add the condensed milk and stir through. Set aside.
2// Combine the crushed biscuits, dessicated coconut and chopped cherries together in a medium sized mixing bowl. 
3// Pour the Copha/condensed milk mixture over the dry ingredients and mix well to combine. Press the sticky mixture into a lined slice tin.
5// Melt the milk or dark chocolate in a heat proof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water (no sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water!). Spread the melted chocolate over the slice mix and place into the fridge to set.
6// Once set, cut the slice into little squares and enjoy with a cup of tea!
Definitely not the healthiest recipe, but certainly one of the yummiest, and what’s life without a little treat every now and then anyway! 
Do you have a favourite childhood recipe?

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