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My Top Ten NYC Moments

1. Times Square. There is no better place for me in all of New York City. It captivated my heart a year ago and the bright lights, images and incredible atmosphere still had me mesmerized a year later. Day or night, I’m blown away every single time.
Atop the red staircase in Times Square
Times Square by day


Times Square by night


Billboards of Times Square by night
2. Central Park. In the heart of Manhattan lies a world completely separate from the bright lights and big city encasing it. The area it covers is immense and, given how chilly its been in NYC, we decided to take a ride in a guided pedicab (see below) to see the park’s highlights. Complete with warm blankets and a super friendly guide who we could barely understand but who so enthusiastically snapped pictures of the three of us on my camera at any and every opportunity.
Blue skies and sunshine in Central Park
Selfies in the back of the pedicab
Our transport – we wouldn’t have seen as much of the Park 
without it as it was a freeeezing  day
The John Lennon Imagine Circle which is located just 
inside the West 72nd Street entrance to the park, not far 
from where John lived in the last years of his life and 
where he was gunned down in 1980


Bow Bridge
The famous San Demo luxury apartment building in the 
Upper West Side of Manhattan is visible from the Park
Captured mid-jump with the Cherry Hill Fountain (rumored to be featured in the opening credits of Friends)


Angel of the Waters Fountain and Bethesda Terrace – in popular culture, the fountain and terrace have been featured countless times in film & TV


View of Midtown Manhattan from the Park
3. The Empire State Building. We rode the elevator up to the 86th floor to take in the completely breathtaking 360 degree view atop the metropolis. This is an absolute must should you visit NYC!
View finder!

South view: Lower Manhattan

North west view: over the river is the state of New Jersey
North view: Times Square, Central Park, Upper Manhattan, Harlem…


South east view: over the river is Brooklyn 
(and you can just see the Brooklyn Bridge)


 The three of us atop the metropolis

Along with three million other tourists, we shared the view with these little guys too

4. The Statue of Liberty. Ty was the one who was keen to see this at first. I didn’t really have a preference either way, probably because I was quite preoccupied with shopping at the time! But, the thing is I didn’t realize how much I wanted to see the statue until I actually saw it. It stopped me in my tracks and all I could think was wow. We rode the FREE ferry between Manhattan and Staten Island and had the most amazing views of not only the Statue but of the impressive Manhattan city skyline. Even if you think the Statue is a little out of the way, it is sooo worth the visit! I’m so glad Ty insisted we saw it because it truly was so special!

Our first view of the Statue of Liberty (standing out of the ferry’s desk with a freezing cold wind howling in my ears was DEFINITELY worth it!)


View of Lower Manhattan from the ferry

Our last view of the Statue of Liberty (this photograph shows how spectacularly large the Statue is!)


Me, aboard the ferry, trying to pick the Statue of Liberty up to take her home with us!

5. Breakfast at the Waldorf Astoria New York. Located on Park Avenue in the affluent neighbourhood of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the hotel is an absolute wonder. With its marble lobby and gold detailing, it’s the epitome of royalty materialized right before your eyes. The continential breakfast was amazing and took my love affair with American breakfasts (specifically cream cheese bagels) to new heights. Dimity and I loved every minute (and mouthful) of our lovely breakfast.

My AMAZING bagel


Cappuccinos for us girls


My beautiful sister Dimity

Sorry about the bathroom shot but how fabulous is that chandelier light fixture?!

6. Shopping. As a girl who adores clothes and loves to shop, but as one who is trying to travel on a budget (and an airplane baggage weight restriction), I managed to shop without my bank account sustaining too much damage. Hooray! I could talk all day about my favorite NYC shopping destinations, and while it could be helpful if you are planning a trip to NYC, I’ll save it for another time! Here are a few snap shots!

Dimity and I ready to shop ’til we drop


We shop-hopped through some of my favorite stores in Times Square


 We even ventured to New Jersey to see Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Street cart souvenir shopping

7. Wall Street. While I understand very little about the stock market (read: nothing at all), the history of Wall Street and its conceptual representation of financial and economic power definitely was not lost on me. It has always been a hotspot for tourists but has seen a recent surge due to the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. We watched the film the very next day!

Wall Street


The iconic Trinity Church at one end of Wall Street
Front view of the New York Stock Exchange
Back entrance to the New York Stock Exchange

8. New York Public Library. As a major Sex and the City fan, I must admit, I was super excited to see the Library where Carrie almost married Big in the first movie! The library also features in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, another favourite movie of mine. But, pop culture references aside, as a National Historic Landmark, the building itself is magnificent and it is well worth a visit!

The front entrance steps


9. Super Bowl Boulevard. Whether you are a serious die-hard fan or never watched an NFL game in your life, it’s impossible not to get swept up in the spectacle of the Super Bowl. It’s such a huge event and I felt so fortunate to be NYC during this time of year. My twin sister’s boyfriend is a Seahawks fan so I’ll be cheering for Seattle!

On the big screen in Times Squares


NYC has NFL fever

In prominent position in Times Square


10. Broadway. While we didn’t actually have time to catch a show this time, I saw Jersey Boys a year ago with my family and it was absolutely incredible. Even for those who aren’t particularly fond of musicals, Broadway is an absolute must in my opinion!

Broadway billboards in Times Square


So many shows, too little time!


If you’ve been to NYC, what would or wouldn’t be on your top ten list? I’d love to hear what you think! Ty said ‘shopping’ wouldn’t have even made his top 100!! What can I say, he’s just not into it. Unless of course it’s a store that has anything to do with motorbikes, all kinds of tools or motorbike parts!
Love to you all!
From Washington DC, with love xo


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