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My Go-To Outfit for Travelling

Over the past 5 months, a true love/hate relationship has developed between me and every single piece of clothing in my suitcase.

The love half of the relationship centres around the fact that all my clothes are comfortable, versatile and lend themselves well to layering – the basic must-have attributes for travel, in the Carly-book-of-style. I also packed really well for the first time in my life, and for six months of travelling nonetheless, so I’m really pleased about that!

The hate half of the relationship has been born out of boredom and how tired I am of having nothing to wear that hasn’t been worn a million and one times already. (If you look through the photos on this blog, you’ll notice I’ve become quite the repeat outfit offender, which I actually don’t have a problem with (if an outfit works, you work it hard) but it does showcase my current clothing dilemma quite nicely.)

Apart from a few purchases I made at my favourite stores in NYC, my wardrobe is essentially the same as it was on day 1. But the great thing is, through all this, I have definitely found my go-to travelling style! Whether it be for flying, a day in the car, train, bus or whatever, I have my outfit sorted. And seeing as though it’s already mid-March, I thought I’d share my travel style ideas in case any of you are planning trips this Easter.

1. Keep it simple. I like to wear mainly dark colours when travelling as I think they tend to make me look a little more put together, even when I’m not (like after a log-haul flight). I usually throw on one other colour just to keep the look slightly more interesting and less monochromatic.

2. Always prioritise comfort. Rocking your uggs and pj bottoms (which I’ve seen an alarming number of times at airports) is probably not the best look but wearing your skinniest jeans is a bad idea too. I go for my most comfortable jeans (ie. with stretch) or for overnight travel I usually prefer black leggings. It’s easy to then pair these bottoms with a cute t-shirt or blouse, a cozy jumper and a scarf (or at least have these packed in your carry-on luggage).

3. Go for layers. For some reason, I always find it’s ridiculously cold on airplanes or just about any form of transport where I don’t have control over the air temperature. Not sure why they insist on making me freeze, but rather than get annoyed and complain to Ty about how cold I am, I have become a much better packer! I always come prepared and make sure I pack layers – they go a long way in keeping me cozy and comfortable.

4. Wear simple shoes. Avoiding anything that is difficult to get on and off (eg buckled shoes) is best – I’ve been caught too many times with difficult shoes that take forever to take off and then forever to put back on when passing through airport securtity! I think ballet flats would have to be my favourite footwear for travel but as it’s been cold and wintery travelling through North America, I have been wearing my boots that slip on fairly easily and only have one small zipper (I also have no room in my suitcase to actually pack said boots, so on my feet they go!).

5. Socks. I don’t know about you, but my feet are one of the first things to get cold. Socks ensure my tootsies are kept toasty so if I have opted for footwear other than boots, I always ensure I have socks packed in my carry-on bag.

6. Keep jewellery to a minimum. Most of the time you have to take all your jewellery off to go through the security check points any way, not to mention, a lot of the statement and bulky pieces tend to get pretty uncomfortable fairly quickly! (P.s. My necklace in the picture below lasted about 10 minutes into our long-haul flight – it didn’t fit well with my neck pillow, no surprises there!)

On 18 October 2013, at the Brisbane International Airport, we were all excited and ready to fly to Vancouver!
I’m wearing a black singlet top, black leggings, socks, leather boots, and a cozy burgundy knit. I had also had my favourite leopard-print scarf and a black long sleeved top in my carry-on bag for layering. (Photo by Ty’s beautiful sister Mel x)

And that’s it! I feel like most of us girls probably follow many of these points already, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on travel styles. What is your go-to outfit?

As always, thanks so much for reading 🙂

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