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Favourite Moments in Vancouver

Our second week in the incredible city of Vancouver has been just as enjoyable as our first. The city is so lively, vibrant and forever bustling with activity. It has kept us endlessly entertained for the last two weeks, never short of places to go and things to do and see. Its impossible not to be captivated by Vancouver and its charm.
The heavy cover of fog finally lifted this week and we had some magical autumn sunshiny days. Now the rain has arrived. We are excited and optimistic that if its raining in Vancouver, its snowing in the mountains (as the saying goes).
Last Friday we went to our very first ice hockey game. I’ve never watched a sport that can be so incredible exciting and excruciatingly brutal at the same time. It was a drama-filled game and unfortunately Vancouver lost by a point but Tyrone and I had so much fun. Over the weekend, we visited beautiful Kitslano beach and took in the spectacular city views right from the water’s edge. We visited gorgeous Canada Place and the historic neighbourhood of Gastown and had a delightful dinner and dessert at a very popular eatery. We ventured a little too far down the cobble-stoned streets of Gastown and ended up in Chinatown and in the soup kitchen lines (we made a hasty exit from that part of town!). We visited Van Dusen Botanical Gardens in South Granville, which were breathtakingly beautiful. We even got ourselves out the other side of a huge hedge maze we found within the garden grounds which was great fun. 
Now, on this Halloween evening with the sound of trick or treaters down the street and the sound of fireworks in the night’s sky, we are packing up our suitcases and getting ourselves organized from the next leg of our trip. Vancouver, you have been a real treat! Tomorrow we will catch the ferry across to Vancouver Island and stay in an idyllic countryside estate for the next week. Both Ty and I are looking forward to settling into the beautiful country surrounds for a week, living the simple life, taking in the clear country air and visiting the organic farms and world famous gardens found all over Vancouver Island. Love to our family and friends, we miss you all! 
Until next time.
From Vancouver, with love xo
(Photographs from the top: newly purchased snowboard gear, city view from Canada Place, sails at Canadas Place, the famous historic steam clock in Gastown, lateen lights at night in Gastown, mmm our delicious desserts from our night out – pumpkin spice cheesecake and white chocolate and berry cheesecake, Kitsilano beach, me on the water’s edge at Kitsilano beach park, city views from the park, Tyrone at Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, garden forest wonderland, oversized reed plant in the garden,  the size of the hedge compared to me, Tyrone soaking up the sunshine’s warmth, overhead view of the maze, a white Stonehenge-like monument in the gardens, the glorious lake).

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