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Let’s Catch Up!

Well hello there lovely people! Hasn’t it been a while since I wrote one of these posts and caught you all up on the goings on in my life? I feel like I haven’t been around these parts too much lately, which makes me sad and stresses me out a little if I’m honest, but life has once again taken over and my blogging duties have fallen by the wayside. I feel as if I’m getting back on track this week though, which is lovely, so let’s get started on this catch up shall we?

The past two weeks I have spent approximately 85 hours at work, and approximately 15 hours getting to and from work. Not too exciting at all really, and while I’m not sure it was completely necessary to have done the maths on that, it kind of made me realise where all my time has been going! I am hanging out majorly for our honeymoon in October, and am not-so-secretly counting down the days I have left at work. On another note, I am cutting back to working part time in September so I can focus some time and energy on my business and wedding planning (because there’s no time like the last minute to try and get EVERYTHING done!), so really can’t wait for that either!

Speaking of wedding planning, these last two weeks have seen Ty and I become total wedding planning pros. It’s crazy to think how much we’ve managed to get done in the past two weeks, which really goes to show that there’s nothing like a little pressure to get me moving on the jobs I tend to put off. Most excitingly, we have organised Ty’s suit and his groomsmen’s suits and they are absolutely perfect! I don’t see Ty in suits that often, but when I do, I’m reminded just how amazing a suit looks on him (it almost makes me want to cry…is that weird???), and this particular suit is really something special. I have lots of other wedding-related things to share, but I’ll probably put all that into one post, maybe a wedding to-do list update type of post!, next week.

As I mentioned in this Five Favourites post in July, Ty and I bought a house a few weeks ago! It’s been such an exciting experience for us and, at times, quite a daunting one as there have been so many new things for us to learn. Mortgages! Solicitors! Paper work! Honestly, I feel so relieved that most of that is behind us now. We spent the majority of the weekend before last getting the house ready for the renters we hope to fill it with. My absolute favourite details of the new house are its wooden floors, detailed cornices, high ceilings and the new kitchen, and I can’t help but feel slightly jealous of whoever gets to moves into it!

To completely change topics here, I went to our local Weekend Markets this past Saturday and it reminded me how I should make going to the markets more of a permanent weekend activity! I love browsing the fresh produce stalls, and the stands selling all sorts of old and new books, and I managed to buy the first three books that caught my eye on Saturday. I’ve heard The Time Traveler’s Wife is a great read and it’s been on my radar for quite a while so I’m really looking forward to starting that soon. Have you read any great books lately?

In other news, the beautiful Sarah (who incidentally is one of my all-time favourite bloggers and feels like a real friend to me even though we’ve never actually met!) and I did a super fun Q&A over the weekend and it’s live on her beautiful blog now, so do pop on over to Daydreams of Summertime to see my answers to her questions, if you like!

Ok, well, it’s quite late here and way past my bed time so I better leave it there! I hope you’ve all been well? How has your week been? Catch me up on all that has been happening with you in the comments! XO

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0 In Journal/ Lifestyle/ Travel

Let’s Catch Up!

Happy 2015, friends! I can’t believe how much has happened in the last little while. Christmas was a blast. We saw the New Year in. Four days off work felt like total bliss. Much time was spent with family. There was lots of yummy food eating, boxing day sales shopping and I got pushed into a freezing cold swimming pool fully clothed. Yep, my December was pretty lovely!

Let’s look back on the last few weeks, and catch up! It was quite the eventful December, so let me break it down for you, with an Instagram round up!

1// We spent a perfect kind of Saturday out lunching with my Dad’s family at the prettiest little winery and restaurant I ever did see. We don’t see that side of the family all that much so it really was a lovely day! I wore my favourite shoe purchase of 2014 (a bold statement, sure, but I’m sticking by it!) and so of course, I had to snap a picture!

2// After finally receiving some much needed rain, the countryside around our place has been looking so lush and green! It never lasts long, so I was sure to capture this picture of one of the nearby paddocks, complete with a perfect white fence, before it turns to brown again.

3// One of the highlights of December, and a true highlight of my life so far, was watching my Mum graduate from a Bachelor of Midwifery in mid-December. She is, and always had been, the most amazing role model in my life and I’m just so incredibly proud of all her achievements,

4// Christmas rolled around faster than ever before but not before my sisters and I did some Christmas baking! Cookies were made. Cookies were iced (one gingerbread man was sporting a very delightful looking mankini) and all the cookies were eaten. 

5// Ty and I braved the shops and managed to get all our Christmas shopping done on the Saturday before Christmas. I didn’t think it would be possible but we did it! I even made a little video about it 🙂

6// A wonderful Sunday was spent exploring the quaint, Hinterland village of Flaxton. I left the girls at the day spa we’d spent the morning at and wandered around the beautiful Flaxton Gardens for an hour by myself. I loved everything I saw and discovered, especially that white lattice detailing on the veranda in the photo above! Can’t wait to go back, maybe to enjoy a high tea in the Gardens – doesn’t that sound lovely?

7// Christmas presents were wrapped and posed with (naturally) and then put under the tree! December 25th was such a special day spent with my family. The food was amazing (as always, thanks Mum!), and the family time was so precious.

8// Some soaring Hinterland views were gazed at and served as a reminder of how wonderful it is to stop, take a seat, and just appreciate all that is around you.

9// Last but not least, quite a fair few cups of tea were enjoyed during the month of December. Some of our ridiculously hot days were replaced with the cold, cozy variety that the summertime rain can bring. Sitting outside in the cool breeze, sipping a piping hot cup of tea and listening to the pretty pitter patter of rain is how I’d like to spend all the rainy days, please and thank you!

There we go – all caught up!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas? Do you have any New Year resolutions? I’m not big on making resolutions myself, but I do have two little “goals” I’ve set for 2015. The first is to find and maintain more balance in my life. Work can be all-consuming at times, and I feel like sometimes I get lost in it all. This year I’m going to find that balance I crave! The second “goal” is to explore more. We have quite a lot of amazing travel plans for 2015 (kicking off next month with our trip to Japan!) but I want to get out and explore more of our beautiful local surrounds. We are so lucky to live in such a pretty part of rural Queensland, Australia and I just want to make the most of it!

What are your resolutions, or goals? And what have you been up to lately? Happy New Year!

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