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La Vie Est Faites De Petits Bonheurs

 Well it’s 4.30pm on Friday afternoon and time to sit down and compile writings and photographs for another blog post. The sun has set for another day, the fog and rain has well and truly set in and we are snuggled up on the lounge in front of our beautiful warm fire place, reflecting on the week that was…
It started off with as bang. We indulged and delighted our adventurous hearts by learning to snowboard in the wonderland that is Whistler. Driving north on the first day, we were both feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement. However the nerves didn’t last long as they were soon replaced by the exhilaration of learning something new and the thrill of absolutely loving it! That’s not to say that we didn’t take a few tumbles, because we did, but that is all part of the experience and the adventure. I didn’t take my camera with me as I had a good feeling I’d be needing both my hands to break my falls, but photographs will definitely be captured and posted next week!
We were blessed with absolutely perfect weather as Whistler was experiencing a weather inversion, meaning that it was colder in the village than it was on the mountain summit. So we learnt to snowboard over three glorious days with gorgeous blue skies above us and the beautiful snowy slopes drenched in warmth and sunshine all around us.
Ty was such a natural on the board and mastered the skills early on our first day so he moved up to a more advanced learning group for days two and three. My progress was a little slower but I got there in the end and even managed a green run on day three. By the end of the three days, our bodies were sore and fatigued and we were looking forward to some restful, cozy days watching movies in front of the fire.
For the rest of the week we did just that, amongst the rugged landscapes and stunning vistas of Squamish. It has been the most relaxing end to the week and the perfect way to get ready for our upcoming week in Whistler. 
A change in weather swept through today with rain and fog descending upon us as we cook our very first North American Thanksgiving Dinner together. It’ll be a traditional dinner with all the trimmings. Yes, there will be roast turkey, baked potatoes, gravy made from scratch and pumpkin pie and maybe even some Christmas carols (if I can convince Tyrone!). This most special time of year makes me think of my Nan. I think of her singing Christmas carols with me, guiding my baking hands and smiling with pride. And that makes me happy.
From Squamish, with love xo
(Photos from the top: a stunning vista on the Sea-to-Sky Highway, captured on our way back to Squamish from Whistler; our beautiful mountainside accommodation in Squamish; view of the glacial waters of Shannon Falls; Tyrone and I at Shannon Falls (we finally asked another tourist to take our photograph!); the forests surrounding Shannon Falls; the forest floor; tumbling waterfall waters (photo credit: Tyrone); time for a “selfie”, which is extremely difficult to do on a DSLR camera!; mossy trees; the fog and rain rolling in; tree top silhouettes; oops I got in the way!; Thanksgiving Dinner table set; cheers; roast turkey with roast vegetables and gravy; the sinfully delicious pumpkin pie with cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon for dessert!)

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