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In-Flight Travel Essentials

In-Flight Travel Essentials

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve sat on a plane and thought “Oh geez! I wish I had XYZ with me!” and then spent 20 minutes fumbling around for something that I already knew I’d left behind, I’d be sitting in first class right now, instead of economy.

Well friends, I’m still sitting in economy but over the past few years, I’ve finally worked out what constitutes an “in-flight essential” for me and packing my carry-on luggage has been a breeze ever since.

In light of the fact that Ty and I flew to Japan on Sunday (an 8 hour flight from the Gold Coast, Australia), I thought I’d share the snafu-free formula that works for me every time I fly! And if you’ve ever needed a carry-on luggage packing list, this covers for that too 🙂

My In-Flight Travel Essentials

Neck pillow // While I don’t think they are the most comfortable thing in the world, they are certainly better than no pillow so this one is a no brainer!

Cozy socks // Is it just me, or are the thermostats on all planes the world over set to -1000? Seeing as though the first thing I do when getting on a plane is turn the overhead air vent off, cozy socks are a must for keeping my tootsies warm!
Pen // Because it’s just a good idea, ok?
Passport // Obviously, you aren’t going to get far without the trusty passport – I recently bought a very handy little travel wallet to house my passport, and it keeps all my paperwork and boarding tickets in one place too.
Backpack // Instead of my usual handbag, I opt for a backpack when travelling. There’s nothing worst then trying to lug a suitcase, plus a carry-on bag, plus a handbag around with you – we’ve only got so many arms (two, to be exact). My backpack is a lifesaver!
Earphones and earplugs // Ever since an airline tried to charge me $10 for a cheap headset, I always bring along my own earphones. And earplugs are a must if you want to get some sleep (along with an eye mask)!
Notebook // In case ideas or inspiration strike me, I like having somewhere to write things down (love that travel-themed set from Kikki.K!).
Skincare // As my skin tends to be on the dry side anyway, a simple in-flight skincare routine is a must for me. I always remove my makeup once I get on the plane and find makeup remover wipes to be most travel-friendly. I bring along my favourite MAC eye cream as it’s super hydrating and a good nourishing moisturiser – one that isn’t too expensive so I don’t feel bad about lathering it on in copious amounts. I love Olay or Nivea for that exact purpose! Lip balm mustn’t be skipped, unless I want chapped lips (which I don’t) and you all know how much I’m loving Maybelline Baby Lips at the moment (it made my Top 7 Beauty Products of 2014 – more on that HERE!).
Makeup // Sometimes I like to apply makeup before I land, usually just to cover the dark under eye circles that have made themselves known after a long flight with no sleep. I keep my makeup look very simple and only include the bare minimum in my hand luggage – concealer, mascara and bronzer or blusher and two makeup brushes.
Miscellaneous // Toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitiser, dry eye relief eye drops and deodorant. 
It might seem like a lot but having all these essentials on board makes a huge difference in my overall comfort when flying! And they all fit neatly into my carry-on luggage so my backpack can be packed full with snacks, my iPhone, tablet, camera, wallet, sunglasses, etc.  
I’d love to know what you take with you when you fly! Is there anything you think I’ve missed? What are your in-flight travel essentials? 
Let me know in the comments, and as always, thanks so much for reading! XO
P.S. Find my Road Trip Essentials HERE! 🙂
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