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How To Maximise Your Makeup Collection

Even though I love all things beauty-related, I’m actually not a makeup junkie. Never have been. In fact, I have a fairly small make up collection compared to most girls I know. I use the same few products every day, and even less when I travel, so having much more than that just seems wasteful to me. Don’t get me wrong though – I definitely have days where I wish I had a makeup collection to rival my favourite beauty counters, but having just what I need is far more practical! 

So to make it feel like I have a lot more to work with on the days I wish I had my sister’s lipstick collection, while still keeping my beauty counter spacious and clutter free on days when I think I have ‘too much stuff’, I’ve learnt to maximise the products I do have and make them work in multiple ways. From lipstick tips to brows and blush, I’ve got it covered! 

Here’s four ways I maximise my makeup collection every day:

1// Layer lipsticks

I do this on a daily basis. Layering lipsticks means it feels like I have endless options for lipstick colours and looks, while only owning 3 or 4. I lightly apply one lipstick, then another and then use my finger or a lipstick brush to blend them together if needed. It’s really easy to do and I love that from those 4 lipsticks I own, I can create so many colours simply by layering!

2// Beautiful brows

While I’m sure it’d be great to have a special brow kit, it’s just another product I’d have to tote around with me – and there’s no need! Not when I can use products I already have to create the same effect. Instead, I fill in my brows with the same brown liner I use for my eyes, just using a much lighter hand. The products I swear by are MAC’s fluidline gel in colour dipdown and a small angled brush

3// Multipurpose blush

In addition to adding a little rosy flush to the cheeks, blush can also be used as a lipstick and a gloss. I do this quite a lot when I travel by simply scrapping off a small amount of blush and mixing it with my lip balm. Slightly more blush gives it a stronger pigment and slightly less leaves it looking more glossy. This is my favourite trick to do on a plane when I’m trying to put a little makeup on before landing. 

4// Mix it up

Up until recently, I used the same tinted moisturiser for daytime and nighttime wear. On those more dressy occasions when I wanted a little more coverage, I’d mix a small amount of concealer into my tinted moisturiser and apply that as a foundation. The same can be said if you have a foundation, but want  lighter look for the day or in the summer – you can add a few drops of moisturiser to the foundation for a sheer base. 

Do you have any multi-purposing tips or tricks to share? I’d love to hear them! As always, thanks so much for reading! XO

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