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Bridal Makeup Tutorial!

**After sharing the morning of our wedding and the ceremony details on the blog this week, I’ve had to press pause on sharing the bridal party photo session and the reception, thanks to a little thing known as a corrupted USB and losing all my digital files (no worries – I’m getting new copies next week!), so I wanted to share my DIY bridal makeup tutorial with you all instead. Thanks for being so patient!**

One of the aspects in the lead up to our wedding that I was equal parts nervous and excited about was doing my own makeup on the day. I’ve loved doing my own makeup for years but there were times when I worried if I’d be putting a lot of unnecessary stress on myself on our wedding day – what if I mess up my eye makeup and look like a total buffoon? was the main recurring thought – by opting to do it myself. More than that though, I really wanted to look and feel like myself on our wedding day and that was the main reason behind my decision to do my own bridal makeup.

Sitting on the floor in my parent’s bedroom in front of their full length mirror, side by side with my sisters, was my favourite part of the entire getting ready process and I wouldn’t change it for anything!

I decided to go for very soft, natural earthy-tone eye makeup look for the day, one that struck a perfect balance between defining my eyes enough for the cameras, but didn’t look heavily made up and out of place in person. We’d chosen a very soft, natural palette for the day, right from the flowers and groomsmen suits to the bridesmaid dresses, and as bright colours or heavy makeup isn’t something I usually go for anyway, it really was a no brainer.

Wearing an exquisite Nicolina bridal gown (c/o)

Doing my own bridal makeup was also a great excuse to book in for a one on one session with a makeup artist to learn a few tips and tricks from a professional. As the session was redeemable for products, I got my hands on lots of new makeup to help create my bridal look at home.

I’ve recreated my bridal makeup look and put together a tutorial to show you how below. There’s also a list of products I used in case you are in the market for anything similar!

My Bridal Makeup How To


1// To achieve a dewy, glowing and youthful-looking complexion, moisturise skin and then apply a primer to the entire face. Avoid using products with SPF as they can reflect light in photographs.

2// Once primer has set, apply foundation with brush, sponge or fingers and ensure to blend along the jaw line and down the neck.

3// Apply concealer to any areas that need extra coverage. In my case, this is always under my eyes to minimise the dark circles I was so lucky to inherit!

4// Set concealer and foundation by dusting either a translucent finishing powder or compact over the entire face with a large powder brush.


I bought a MAC eyeshadow palette but in the weeks leading up to the wedding, decided that I preferred the colours in my sister’s eyeshadow palette by NYX. All the colours I refer to are from the Golden Horizons Dream Catcher Palette.

1// Apply an eyeshadow primer to the entire lid area to avoid shadow creasing and ensure eyeshadow lasts and stays put.

2// Apply soft beige (top left shade of palette) to the entire eyelid and brow bone.

3// Apply light brown (top middle shade) to entire eyelid and blend into lower lash line.

4// Apply medium brown (top second from right shade) to outer half or eyelid and blend into crease line. Blend a little into the lower lash line.

5// Apply dark brown (bottom middle shade) to outer triangle and blend well using soft eyeshadow blending brush. Apply a small amount to the outer third of the lower lash.

6// Apply soft beige (top left shade) to inner corner of eye for a lovely brightening effect.

7// Finally apply dark brown (or black if desired) eyeliner (I love gel liner for this!) to upper lash line. Brush and fill in eyebrows if you normally do, and finish with two coats of black waterproof mascara to lashes.


1// To provide definition to the face, lightly apply bronzer to just below cheek bones, along jaw line, across hairline and blend well.

2// To highlight the face, apply highlighter to the high points of your face – across the cheek bones, down the bride of the nose, on top of the cupid’s bow, to the centre of the chin and the forehead.

3// Apply blush to apples of cheeks.


1// Outline and fill in lips with a lip liner in a colour that either matches your lipstick or that is similar to your natural lip colour.

2// Apply lipstick and use this method to ensure none ends up on your teeth!

If you are curious about any of the products I used (and LOVED!) for my bridal makeup, I have listed them all below!


Moisurizer – MAC Strobe Cream
Foundation – MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof {Shade NC30}
Corrector – Sephora 8HR Wear Perfect Cover Concealer {Shade Light 13} 
Concealer – MAC Pro Longwear {Shade NC20}
Brows – as above (using a very small amount on a small angled brush)
Brushes from left to right: 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8
Would you consider doing your own bridal makeup? If you were a makeup DIY bride too, feel free to share your tips below!
Thanks so much for reading! XO
**Wedding photos by Charmaine Otto Photography. Tutorial photos by me.
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