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How to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

For me, I’m generally a very happy person. I smile a lot, I don’t dwell on things I can’t control and I use optimistic realism to navigate my way through life. But sometimes after arriving home from travelling, melancholia will find me. It’s a lingering sadness, a sense of feeling slightly off-balance, and sees me shuffling off to work in the most unenthusiastic of fashions.

You guys, the post holiday blues are a very real thing! After a particularly bad bout a few years ago, I now swear by a very simple formula (a formula for life, if you will!) to chase those post holiday blues away. We’ve all been there, right? In case you ever need some ideas, here are mine…

1// Look after yourself. 

Travelling often results in lots of late nights, changed eating habits and not enough sleep, so I always take the time to readjust and get back to my normal routine once I return home. Getting enough sleep and spending some quiet time outdoors does wonders for increasing my happiness and making me feel more in sync, so I’m sure to get to bed early and enjoy my morning coffee outside each day.

2// Do something you missed while travelling.

While travelling is absolutely wonderful, there are always a few home comforts or activities that I undoubtedly miss while abroad. For me, I definitely miss cooking and baking the most, because they are among some of my favourite things to do at home. So I whip something yummy up in the kitchen as soon as I have the opportunity.

3// Create a home you love to come home to.

As much as I love to travel all over the world, there is no place that I love to come home to each day more than my house in the countryside. We’ve created a home that is inviting, cozy and inspiring, so nothing puts a smile on my face faster than walking through our front door. Ensuring your home is clean and tidy before you leave to go on holidays goes a long way too – if there’s anything worse than the holiday being over, it’s coming home to a untidy, messy home. Ty said to me this morning how glad he was we cleaned the whole house before leaving. Amen to that!

4// Don’t wait until you travel to do the things you love.

I think this is such an important point to remember. While travelling, we put so much more time and energy into doing things that we love and that genuinely make us happy, so it’s no wonder that those post-holiday blues creep in once the holiday is over. Each day, I make more and more effort to spend time with loved ones and doing the things I love, like writing, photography, baking and craft projects. Because those things make me happy too, just as travelling does!

5// Become a backyard tourist.

A lot of us spend a good part of our days wanderlusting and dreaming of the trips we’d like to take and the adventures we’d like to go on. Undoubtedly, what I love most about travel is the adventure of it, and the opportunity to discover and explore new places. But what I need to remember is that I can do all those things right here in my own backyard too. Becoming a tourist in my own city or town, gives me a chance to explore and photograph to my heart’s content, and goes a long way in enriching my wandering soul!

6// Take some time to switch off.

With the abundance of social media and the huge role it plays in many of our lives these days, it can be so hard not to compare your life with someone else’s (or their social media version of it!). So taking a break and switching off from technology for a few hours (and some separation from the flurry of picture-perfect images) gives you a chance find some calm, to live more in the moment, and not be tempted to wish for a life that isn’t yours.

7// Recreate your favourite holiday meal.

This is one of my favourite things to do after returning home from travelling. The amazing foods tried during your travels don’t have to remain a distant (and very tasty!) memory because it’s so easy to find a recipe online and give it go to recreate your favourite holiday meal. One of my personal favourites from our days in New Orleans was jambalaya and it was such a huge hit when I recreated the dish at home many months later. I really must share the recipe here on LUW one day!

8// Organise a post holiday catch-up with your travelling companions.

Whenever I travel with my family and then come home to living many hours away from them, I miss their company more than I miss the travelling itself, so organising some family time (or time with your travel companions) is always high on my priority list. There’s nothing better than reliving those memories together.

9// Create a travel wish list.

For an eternal wanderluster like me, this one is a no brainer! My travel wish list is constantly growing and I love thinking about all the places I’d love to see in the future. Inspiration boards are so easy to make yourself and serve as the perfect visual reminder of all the amazing things to look forward to.

10// Plan the next trip! 

Yes, you read that correctly! There is no better way to stave off the post holiday blues than by starting to plan and anticipate your next trip. After six months living and travelling abroad, Ty and I started planning our trip to Japan soon after we arrived home. My next trip is scheduled for the end of April and was booked while in Japan!

Have you ever felt a bit flat after a holiday? What are some of the things you do to cope with the post holiday blues? Feel free to share in the comments!

Happy Monday lovelies! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Ty and I had an incredible time in Japan and I can’t wait to share it with you all soon. And I promise I will reply to all your comments ASAP! XO

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