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Five Favourites From The Week That Was!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week?! It’s been two weeks since my last happy list so I thought it about time to catch you all up on what’s been happening down in our little corner of the globe. This week has been really busy and if I’m totally honest, work really kicked my butt Monday to Thursday and it left little time for anything else. Not to worry though, we’ve got a long weekend to look forward to starting today, and you know I’m ready for it!

Last week we celebrated Tyrone’s birthday on Tuesday and then had all the family come to stay with us in the country on the weekend. We dont get together very much at our home as it’s a little out the way for most of the family and it’s often easier to congregate together somewhere more central. It felt like the perfect country weekend though, complete with hand-feeding a neighbour’s dairy cows, saying hello to another neighbour’s beautiful horse, card playing and way too many cups of tea. It was perfect, and as soon as everyone left, we started to plan the next country weekend to do it all over again! 

Here are some of my other favourite moments from the last two weeks…

1// Coffee dates with my sister. I loved meeting my sister in between appointments last Friday in the city. We had plans to do a little shopping but instead opted to head straight for Jimmy’s On The Mall instead. We must’ve walked by this gorgeous leafy, breezy split-level restaurant a hundred times over our years frequenting Queen Street Mall, but never quite at the right time for something to eat or drink. We headed upstairs to the top deck and enjoyed teas and coffees in the sunshine, while speedily catching up on our lives in record-breaking time, as only sisters can do!
2// Ty’s birthday last Tuesday. Even though it was mid-week, it was such a fun day that started with opening presents in bed in the morning and finished with the family tradition of enjoying the birthday boy’s favourite meal (spaghetti bolognaise with fresh pasta – next level good!!) in the evening. 
3// Homemade birthday cakes (yes, cakes!). Following on from Tuesday’s festivities, we had not one but THREE different birthday cakes over the weekend. My mother in law made the most delicious mulberry chocolate cake, my sister in law made a sinfully amazing brownie slice, complete with Smarties and sprinkles added by my niece and nephew (they were so proud that they’d helped!) and finally I made my Mum’s beautiful banana cake with cream cheese icing. That’s one spoilt birthday boy! And all the makings of a great weekend 😉
4// Country walks with my niece and nephew. I loved getting out for a walk while my two favourite little people rode their bikes to the dairy farm that is only a few hundred metres up the road. The gorgeous cows were so friendly that they came straight over to us and let my niece and nephew feed them grass from their hands. The kids thought it was great!
5// A weekend getaway. This weekend we are off to Hobart for my cousin’s wedding. It’s been four years since our last visit to Tasmania and I’m so excited to arrive there a little later today! Follow along on Instagram if you like!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead – let me know what you’re up to in the comments! Thanks so much for reading! XO

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