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Five Favourites From The Week That Was!

Saying “Konnichiwa” to the majestic beauty of the Northern Japanese Alps!

Friday! Friday again! It’s come around ridiculously quickly this week. Way too quickly but that seems to be part of the parcel when you’re on holiday, don’t you think? As you might have guessed from the photo above (or my Instagram account!), Ty and I are in Japan! We flew in last Sunday and have been enjoying our week amongst the great Japanese Alps. Snowboarding, nonetheless! I can’t even begin to tell you how in awe of this place we are, and of Japan in general, so for now I’ll just say it’s one for the travel bucket list for sure!

Here’s a list little of the moments that have made me most happy this week…

1// Walking home to our hotel last night right in the middle of a heavy snow fall. The snowflakes were falling so huge and heavy (the biggest and heaviest we’d ever seen!), and it was just so perfect.

2// Snowboarding the Japanese Alps! This week, we’ve visited four different mountains so far and have never seen so much powdery snow in all our lives! It certainly does make for the most snowy fun and the best way to enjoy the cold.

3/ Snuggling up in our gorgeous and cozy apartment, wearing our Japanese robes (ok, that part was mostly me) while watching a movie and eating chocolate with the snow was falling outside. Magical!

4// Feeling super grateful for Ty when he gave me his goggles to wear on the mountain yesterday when mine kept fogging up making it impossible for me to see! He is seriously the best person I know. I’m so lucky!

5// Feeling totally overwhelmed in a Japanese pharmacy (both Ty and i have been sick this week, and we failed to bring any cold medicine with us!) when we were lucky enough to meet the loveliest Japanese pharmacist. She was so sweet and so helpful and when she learnt what we do in Australia, she got so excited, exclaiming “I’m so glad you’re here!”. We were then even more overwhelmed, by her generosity this time, when she gifted us with a special little pin commerating the Winter Olympics Games that were held in Nagano (her home) in 1998. Seriously, I just loved her – she was the sweetest person ever! 

We have a busy old weekend planned, this weekend, with Valentine’s Day tomorrow (and our last night surrounded by the glorious splendor of the Alps) and travelling back to Tokyo on Sunday. We are getting so excited for everything that is to come in the next phase of our Japanese adventure! Eeeeek! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week, and are about to have an even more wonderful weekend! 

What were your happiest moments from the week that was?

Thank you so much for reading! XO

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