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Five Favourites From The Week That Was!

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful week and are looking forward to a fab weekend, whatever it is you’re doing! Ty and I are going camping and motorbike riding in the countryside a few hours from here. I can’t wait to spend the weekend outdoors and in the sunshine, after a week of being trapped indoors I feel like I could use the fresh air. As much as I love camping, the prep work necessary to make it happen is a whole lot less lovable and I spent a good couple of hours sulking last night because the task just seemed too momentous to comprehend on a Friday night. But it’s all done now (thanks in large part to that amazing fiance of mine who doesn’t let my sulkiness slow him down) and we can get on to the fun part! Is there anything better than spending all day in the sunshine and then cozying up to a campfire at night? I think not! But before we get to that, here’s a little look at my five favourite moments from the week that was…

1// Ty! That guy makes my day, every single day, by 7.30am. He has this incredible knack of making me laugh every single morning, just as I take a big sip of coffee. He times it well and on more than one occasion I’ve very nearly lost my entire mouthful all over myself. He’s too funny for his own good (or maybe my own good ha!).

2// The early morning fog. Every day this week we have woken up to find the world outside completely covered by a heavy blanket of fog. It makes everything look so mysterious and it seems so heavy that it’ll just hang around forever. But then, poof! By mid-morning it has cleared to reveal the loveliest of winter days full of bright blue skies and warm sunshine. The best!

3// My Uggboots! Ty bought them for me a few years ago and they are the first pair of slippers I have ever owned that I haven’t thrown out after a season (after that, the thought and feel of them used to freak me out – weird, I know). They are pink (he knows me well) and they are keeping my usually freezing toes so toasty. Cute and functional for the win!

4// Holiday snaps. All this week I have been reminiscing about my recent travels with Lauren, my twin sister and missing that time with her so much. It reminds me that us sisters need to travel together more often and now we are thinking a trip to Melbourne one weekend with my younger sister Dimity should happen!

5// Our engagement photo session. Two weekends ago, Ty and I and our wonderful wedding photographer had a little photo shoot in the prettiest of locales. It was a little nerve-wrecking at first, but we had so much fun by the end and I’m IN LOVE with the little photo sneak peeks I’ve seen so far!

Now it’s your turn! What were your favourite moments from the week that was? I’d love to know 🙂

Thanks so much for reading! XO

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Five Favourites From The Week That Was!

Happy weekend everyone! I’ve very much looking forward to spending some quality time this weekend catching up on all the things I didn’t get done during the week (it was one of those weeks). Thank you to all of you for sharing your own embarrassing stories after this post. They seriously made my day and made me feel slightly more normal after my little petrol station debacle! So big hugs to all of you! Aside from that, here are a few other moments from the week that was that were especially lovely…

1// Wedding talk! I feel like Ty and I really got on with making some decisions this week on theme and colour scheme and I’m so EXCITED! Plus, I’ve organised two wedding dress shopping trips with my Mum and twin sister (sadly my other sister (and bridesmaid) can’t be there!) for next weekend. You guys, this is getting REAL!

2// Wicked! Mum, my sisters and I spent last Saturday night in Southbank, Brisbane, enjoying an amazing dinner at Viet De Lites before seeing the incredible musical Wicked at Lyric Theatre. I was completely blown away by the show and the incredible talent that bought the story to life before our eyes. Have you ever seen Wicked?

3// Going through all my favourite things from February for my February Favourites video now up on YouTube! I love compiling a little list of all the things I loved most for the preceding month. I think they’ll be great to look back on in years to come!

4// Visiting The Woolshed last night for a delicious date-night dinner with Ty. This is our favourite restaurant in our little district – the setting is beautiful, the atmosphere is relaxed and the food never disappoints. Plus, it was really lovely to catch up with that handsome fiance of mine after a busy, busy week!

5// Autumn! It’s my favourite season, so needless to say, I was so happy this week when August 1st arrived. The weather has remained really hot, which is fine – Summer can have it’s last little hurrah before the cooler weather comes.

I hope the first hints of Spring are well on their way for all of you in the Northern Hemisphere? What has made you most happy this week? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much for reading! XO

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Five Favourites From The Week That Was!

Well, the time has finally come! After months and months and months of counting down the days, Ty and I are finally flying out to Japan on Sunday morning! Woohooooo! I’m not going to lie, this week was a little bit of a struggle to get through – the way most weeks are when you are anticipating something wonderful. I had lots to keep me busy but still felt like time was standing still. Some comic relief came after posting this picture on my Instagram on Tuesday, when Kimi commented that it was even worse for her because it was only Monday in the US – it really made me laugh and reminded me, in a light-hearted way of course, that things could be a lot worse!

Anyway, despite living the week in anticipation for Sunday, there were still plenty of moments that made me really happy this week! Another thing that will make me happy is spending Saturday morning packing my carry-on bag (exciting!), and doing one last tidy up of the house before we go away because there’s nothing worse than coming home to a messy house! Here are my five favourite happy moments from the week that was, plus a bonus one!…

1// Receiving a text from Ty on Thursday declaring he’d finished all his work tasks and was ready to cruise into ‘holiday mode’ – butterflies started flapping around in my tummy, I was so excited!

2// Finally wearing the gorgeous new heels (pictured above) that my sister bought me a few months back. I don’t have much opportunity to wear high heels these days, but whenever the opportunity does arrive, these will be the first pair I reach for. I just love them!

3// Adding homegrown chilies to everything we’ve been cooking this week! We like our food with a little spice!

4// Finding some time to start a new DIY project. It’s just a really easy DIY inspiration board, and if it turns out ok, I might share the fruits of my labour with you all here in the near future! Our office space is in definite need of some re-energising before Ty and I start uni part-time at the end of February.

5// Making the yummiest corn and sweet potato fritters with Ty for a lovely lunch on Sunday. They were so easy and so yummy, and made for the perfect work lunch the next day too!

6// Co-hosting the Fresh Face Friday Link-Up this week! I’m so thrilled to be featured on Casey’s blog and to be co-hosting this weeks link-up – read more on that below!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead! Now, over to you! What made you happy this past week?

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Five Favourites From The Week That Was!

Poppy fields, Tasmania | January 2012

This week was one of those weeks that came off the back of a few extremely busy months that left me feeling downright exhausted. It has kind of taught me a lesson in pacing myself and in generally not being an idiot trying to do a million things all at once, you know? I also thought quite a lot about what my word for 2015 is, and I think I’ve come up with the perfect one for me – balance. Balance in my life is what I will be seeking in 2015. The first step towards instilling a little more balance in my life will be letting go of my job in Brisbane so I can live at home and enjoy my life in the countryside a little more. It’s been a long time coming and I’m just so excited it’s finally happening at the end of this month. Aside for all that, it’s actually be quite a lovely week, made all the more lovely by these happy moments…

1. Receiving this beautiful necklace in the mail, complete with a lovely handwritten note. I can’t even tell you how much I love this necklace, or how much I want to start handwriting notes again!

2. Getting up extra early for work each morning and having time to eat a leisurely breakfast, drink my coffee, spend time with Ty and just generally potter about the house, before getting ready for work. I don’t know why it’s taken me 25 years to realise, but not needing to rush in the mornings is making for much calmer and happier days!

3. Going motorbike riding in the beautiful bush land not far from home with Ty last Sunday. My riding skills are improving lots and lots, thanks in large part to Ty’s persistence in teaching me and his never-ending encouragement!

4. Planning a fun little picnic adventure this Sunday for Ty’s birthday (my amazing man turns 28 on the 12th of January!). Dreaming up picnic-appropriate foods and fun games has been such a wonderful distraction this week. I’m thinking a delicious quiche and maybe some swimming in a little tucked away waterhole near home will be the way to go!

5. Ty and I thinking to ourselves this week how our wedding is just 10 months away, only to realise it’s actually less than 9!! We booked our celebrant this week, which was the last “big” thing left to organise (I think). Feeling pretty good about the wedding planning process at the moment, and this little planner from Kikki K is certainly helping!

What’s been making you happiest this week? And what would your word for 2015 be?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and as always, thanks so much for reading! XO

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Five Favourites From The Week That Was!

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a lovely week? We’ve had a really happy week here, apart from being really, almost too, busy at work. I find things get a little crazy this time of year, don’t you think? This weekend is set to be packed full of fun things, happenings and going on’s and I can’t wait! It’ll all start when my Mum, Dad and Pop arrive this morning to spend the weekend with Ty and I in our little country town. But more on than next time! Here is a little list of my five favourite happy moments from the week that was….

– Watching the sweetest old man bring his sick wife flowers and staying with her every day at the hospital this week. He was so cute and sweet, and the love that he and his wife shared was so evident and enduring, it kind of broke my heart. They reminded me so much of my grandparents, which made me happy, but sad at the same time because my Nan is gone now. But mainly, it was just so lovely to be reminded of what a love that lasts a lifetime looks like.

– Receiving my new camera lens and new camera bag this week. It’s been so much fun practicing with the new lens and my camera bag is one of those bags that doesn’t look conspicuously like a camera bag, so I love it!

– Eating a simple homemade lunch of wholegrain rice cakes, topped with mashed avocado, tuna slices, fresh tomato and a little salt and pepper. Yum!

– Switching my phone off in the evenings. I’ve been trying harder and harder lately to be less distracted by my phone and to be more present and appreciative of the now. It’s making for a happier life! I’d recommend it to anyone!

– Getting up early this Saturday morning to get all our laundry and cleaning done. Like, for real. I know it’s meant to be boring but it feels so great to get it all out of the way. If I could insert that little Emoticon with the hearts for eyes, right here, I would. You know the one.

So what’s made your happy list this week! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

(Image via my Pinterest!)

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Five Favourites From The Week That Was!

Happy happy Friday everyone! I hope you’ve had a lovely week? I had an amazing week, and it all started on Tuesday, when it rained (rained!) for the first time in the longest time. I got caught in the heaviest downpour as I ran to the car after finishing work, and you know what? I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! I was so happy, like *twirls, throws confetti in the air, and sings a Broadway hit* happy, you know?
And then we were treated to a proper thunder storm on Wednesday. Ty and I just sat together, drinking a warm cup of tea, while listening to the storm raging and the rain falling outside. A cup of tea, my love and the beautiful pitter patter of rain? Well, that’s pretty close to perfect, if you ask me! Also, our rain water tank now has a few rungs of water in it, after having run completely dry a few weeks ago, so that was cause for celebration in itself!
So! Here’s a little list of five other happy moments from the week that was…
– Our morning ritual of coffee and breakfast together, no matter what. Even on the mornings when I have to leave for Brisbane and I have to get up at 4.30am. And you know who gets up right alongside me to pack me breakfast and make me a coffee for the long drive? Tyrone. He is the best ever and it makes my heart swell just thinking about how incredible he is, and how incredibly lucky I am.
– Receiving a beautifully wrapped Christmas present (I KNOW!) in the mail from my godparents! How sweet are they?! It’s taking everything I have not to open it! As soon as we have our tree set up, this gift will be the first one to go under it.
– Speaking of Christmas trees, I kind of had a STOP THE PRESS moment this week. After believing my whole life that all Australians had fake Christmas trees (not the real fir trees that I always saw in the Christmas movies when I was younger…er…and every year since), this week Ty told me that his family always had a real tree for Christmas that they’d pick out, take home, and decorate. Then Ty went on to suggest we do that this year as it’ll be our first year having a Christmas tree together. THIS IS EXCITING NEWS! My first ever real Christmas tree and our first Christmas tree together, it’ll surely be an occasion I’ll never forget!
– Starting to think about our upcoming travels to Japan in February. Leave from work is approved. Flights are booked. One week of being snow bunnies is happening. That just leaves a little over a week in Japan still to organise, but we are thinking of splitting the time between Kyoto and Tokyo, although there are plenty of other places we’d love to visit, if only we had more time! If you have any suggestions for us, do share! We’d love to hear them!
– Discovering that our little pet frog (not really a pet, more a frog that has chosen to live in our pot plant) is still around! We started to fear the worst after we hadn’t seen him for days (he’s lived in this pot plant for years) but while watering our plants on Thursday, he reappeared! After the initial fright, I was so happy to see that he was still with us. Good to see you again, little guy!
These are my favourite posts to write. It’s so lovely to reflect on the little things that make me happy each week, that might have otherwise been forgotten had I not written them down! What are your favourite happy moments this week? 

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