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Falling In Wanderlust || The French Countryside

For me, the perfect French countryside dream would include sunhats and sundresses, minimal makeup, perfectly tousled hair, a little summertime frolicking in fields of lavender, wandering down the cobblestoned, flower-entombed streets, rustic country dining, picnics and baguettes with all the people I love and a bedroom with bright white lace-adorned windows overlooking a garden of the prettiest wildflowers you ever did see.

Yes, my French countryside dream has been thought about once or twice, and mostly after my little jaunt to France when I was 14. But hasn’t everyone dreamed about the French countryside? Because Let Us Wanderlust documents all my life loves, and my insatiable curiosity and desire to wander the world, I thought I’d share a few of the images that have had me falling in wanderlust with the French countryside, all over again!
1//the prettiest walkway I ever did see
2//the loveliest manor house + garden of wildflowers
3//a perfect rustic dining affair to share with family and friends
4//just a boy, his father, a bike and a baguette
5//an idyllic french countryside picnic
6//fields of lavender perfect for happy frolicking
7//the most darling lace curtains + flower box billowing with bright red blooms
Credits for each image can be found by clicking on the linked numbers above. For more images to make you fall in wanderlust, you can follow along with Let Us Wanderlust on Pinterest, if you like! 

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