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Views of The Rocky Mountains From The Trans Canada Highway

The next stage of our Canadian adventures has arrived! On Friday we left British Columbia after calling it “home” for the past two months and two days since leaving Australia. After four wonderful days in Revelstoke, where we survived the snowboarding and enjoyed the quaint alpine town with all its friendly locals, we hit the Trans Canada Highway and headed for the British Columbia/Alberta border. 
The snowflakes were falling as we left Revelstoke early in the morning and a heavy blanket of fog lay thick in the air. Ty even got the ice scraper and snow brush out to deal with the windscreens snow accumulation! 
We had heard so much about the spectacular scenery to be seen during this drive but unfortunately visibility was low, and while I tried my best with my camera, you may have to use your imagination a little! 
We passed uneventfully through the avalanche zones and mountain passes and breathed a sigh of relief. There were so many road signs alerting drivers to the avalanche dangers as the highway weaves right under huge, sheer cliff faces where there is no barrier between falling snow and the road except for a hundred metre drop. 
It was a little nerve-wrecking but we got through it without any problems. During the drive, I managed to snap a photograph of a mountain side recently ravaged by avalanches. The drive through these zones provided for the most spectacular, yet devastating, scenery.
We always have heaps of fun during our road trips (cue the silly photos) but I promise we do concentrate and this was definitely taken once the treacherous part of our journey was over! I mean, how else would Ty have had time to pull out that incredible pout?
  About half way through our four hour trip, just outside the small town of Golden, the landscape of The Rocky Mountains loomed before us. What can I say…it was beyond the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery I have ever seen. Huge, towering, rocky and steep, these icy-blue mountains dominated our vista for the rest of the drive. Highway driving has never offered such limitless and exquisite beauty! The Trans-Canada Highway is completely encompassed by the The Rocky Mountain Range as it weaves its path through to Banff.

This was my vantage point for all the ‘en-route’ photography. If we had stopped to take all our photographs, we would still be trying to get to Banff! It was just that beautiful.
We stopped briefly in Lake Louise before heading onto our final destination. Downtown Banff is adorable and provides visions of alpine village charm, whimsical winter festivities and is a hub of activity. The town is alive with the coming of Christmas, the spirit is entirely festive and Christmas decorations adorn the shop window displays and the main streets. It makes me SO excited for a magical Christmas in The Rockies, full of enchanting alpine traditions, a few of our own family traditions from home and festive celebrations. Christmas has always been my favourite time of year! We have hung our Christmas stockings and placed inside some very special gifts from my beautiful Mum. They have been tucked safely away from prying eyes (i.e. Tyrone) in my suitcase since we left Brisbane in mid-October! 
Merry Christmas to all our family and friends at home! We hope you have an amazing Christmas and don’t forget how much we miss you all!
From Banff, with love xo

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