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Current Wanderlust: Japan

The itch to travel is back! Before you all say “go and take an antihistamine”, let me explain.

I love being home. I love setting up our home and settling into our new lives in the gorgeous Queensland countryside. It’s so peaceful, and quiet and idyllic and I really can’t quite tell you just how happy we are and how much we love it here, except to say that it’s a dream come true, really. The wide-open spaces, the starry night skies, the fields that stretch on forever, the kangaroos in the neighbour’s yard and the Bunya Mountains right at our doorstep, this place really feels like our own little slice of rural paradise.

But back to this incurable case of wanderlust. It all started when I was about 12 years old (I have my Year 7 Autobiography to prove it) and it has never ever left me alone since. Luckily Ty shares my travel obsession – the list of places we want to visit is so long that we’ll probably spend the rest of our lives ticking them off our list – and lately we have had travelling on the brain!

So next on our quest to see the world will be Japan! We will be heading there in February and we are so excited! Neither of us has been before and we are planning on packing as much into our trip as possible – from being little snow bunnies on snowboards in the beautiful snowy mountains of Hakuba, to immersing ourselves in the culture and traditions in Kyoto and finally to nagivating the concrete jungle of Tokyo, we cannot wait!

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So if you’ve ever been to Japan, I’d love to hear any tips, advice and suggestions you might have for us!

Thanks so much for sharing and for reading! XO

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