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Postcards from Winnipeg + A Road Trip

Well its that time of the week again – time for another blog post for me and the beginning of a new week. I hope the first week of 2014 treated you well. Its certainly been an adventure for us here in Canada.
At the end of my last post, Ty and I had arrived in windy, wintery Winnipeg for a three day hiatus from the road and a chance to take in the city’s beautiful and historic architecture while seeing in the New Year. Honestly, we struggled to get around the city as much as originally hoped due to the bitterly frigid and downright dangerous cold saturating Winnipeg. But we did our best to see the city via the underground walkways and skywalks – heated and sheltered walkways are a total necessity during the winter here! We saw the architecturally beautifully Parliament House, its frozen-in-time gardens and grounds, a beautiful old Church and the tree-lined city streets. Ty even took the opportunity to throw a snowball or two at me! 

We caught the city bus out to the National Historic Site of The Forks, down by the river running between downtown and the old French quarter of St Boniface. The Forks had a beautiful and bustling winter festival taking place and a gorgeously toasty and inviting marketplace which delighted the senses. There were stalls selling deliciously warm and delectable foods as well as quaint fruit and vegetable stalls with eye-catching and colourful displays.

It was wonderful to wander the laneways to explore the plethora of stalls and even venture outside for a few minutes to gaze out at the snap frozen world of Winnipeg. As we were the only ones silly/brave enough to head outdoors, we made fresh tracks in the untouched snow!

On New Years Day, we got back on the road and headed east for Toronto. An extremely long four days of driving stretched out ahead of us. Ty was in the driver’s seat and I took up my post as navigator in the passenger’s seat and had my camera at the ready, as always. My first shot of the day captured our glorious sun rising directly ahead of in the east.

While four days of driving might seem a little mundane, we were excited to see where the road would take us, and admittedly, excited to blast the car’s heater on full heat and try to defrost! After leaving Winnipeg and not long after crossing the border into Ontario, we said goodbye to the landscape of the prairies and hello to the undulating snow-covered and tree-covered hills, cozy country cottages with smoke billowing from their chimneys, the large, sprawling ranches, rustic cabins residing on the shores of the province’s great (and frozen) lakes and the quintessential, and ubiquitous, farm barns with red walls and snow-frosted roofs. Geez, that was a mouthful! It was so exquisitely beautiful.


On our final day, the winds blew strong and the snow fell hard, and what would have been a four hour journey south to Toronto began to look like a six hour drive. But thankfully, and ever so graciously, the heavens answered. The shining sun and crystalline blue sky broke through the curtain of white to shine down upon us and thaw our frozen bodies.

It was such a delight to see the sun and feel its warmth, however feeble, especially after days of suffering through the brutal deep freeze of Canada’s interior. 

The end of the Canadian leg of our North American adventures is fast approaching. With less than three weeks remaining, there is so much of eastern Canada to discover, explore and then capture in our memories forever. First on the list is the grand city of Toronto. We have some equally grand plans for our time here but I’ll tell you more about that next time!
I hope this post finds you all well! While we’ve had unbearably cold weather well into the negative 30s with wind chills up to negative 50(!), you’ve all been sweating through the swelteringly hot hot HOT summer heat. I’m really not sure which is worst! Let’s hope the extremes of the weather spectrum give us all a break soon.
From Toronto, with love xo

Oh and P.S. For all of you wondering about the beard Ty has been sporting…this just happened…! Ta daaaa!

Hehe xo

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