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Why We Have To Return To Vancouver

During our previous 5 months of travel, Ty and I have done very little in the way of forward planning. We usually have our “where to next?” ideas but we never book anything more than a week in advance, preferring to have the flexibility and freedom to do what we want and go where we want when we actually want. And that’s the beauty of owning a car while travelling.

But this week, a spanner was thrown in the works, so to speak, when we found out that the amazing car we bought in Canada can NOT be sold in the U.S. Our only options were to have a perfectly functioning car destroyed (or smashed to a pulp as one custom’s officer so eloquently put it) or return to Canada to sell it.

Now let me preface this by saying that Ty and I have grown incredibly attached to our car. Previously, the thought of selling it and never seeing it again made me really sad and I kind of feared that I’d be “that person” who cries when she says goodbye to a car for the last time. As well as convincing me that I am indeed a crazy person, I realised why we have grown so attached to such a materialistic thing. Apart from ourselves and our suitcases, our car is the only thing that is ours in this country; it has been a home of sorts and the only constant in our lives over the last five months of travelling. It’s also the first car that Ty and I have bought together and well I’m a tiny bit sentimental about these things.

So you can imagine my shock horror when learning that if we stay in the States, our home/car/travelling companion will meet a terribly violent death at the hands of the wreckers! So, from that perspective, it was an easy decision to make to drive back to Vancouver and sell the car. Luckily, our imminent return to Canada has been so much easier to orchestrate than I originally thought, thanks in large part to that lack of forward planning I mentioned earlier! No damage control has been necessary and to me, that just proves that it really has been the best way to travel.

So here are some sentimental pictures of our car’s life over the past five months, as seen through my Instagram:

In October, when we bought the car home to our condo in Vancouver for the first time! We were so excited we had just bought a car!

In October, when the autumn leaves we falling and we had to clear them off the car before heading out for the day! (We don’t have many trees that lose their leaves in Australia, so this was quite a novelty for us, at least for the first few times!)

In November, when we drove our car up to the summit of Mount Seymour in Vancouver, and saw snow for the first time in a really long time! (Again, it NEVER snows where we live in Australia so it was a total novelty for us!)
In November, waiting in our car to board the ferry to gorgeous Vancouver Island!
In December, when I made Ty listen to the Rock of Ages soundtrack during one of our long road trips in our car! I can’t help but love it! #sorrynotsorry

In December, when we said goodbye to coastal British Columbia and headed into the mountains for the first time with our car!

In December, in Revelstoke, when we had to brush snow off our car for the first time (I almost want to roll my eyes at how “cool” I thought this was then, because it has become such a pain in the butt now!)
In December, our first sightings of the Rocky Mountains as we neared the British Columbia/Alberta border!
In December not long before Christmas, when we drove through the snow and the Rockies to Banff, Alberta in our beloved car!

At the end of December, when we watched a beautiful sunrise during one of our early morning head starts on the road!

In December, starting our trip from Alberta to Ontario and taking in the beautiful sights of the freezing cold Canadian Prairies!

In December, trying not to freeze to death and learning about how you have to plug your car in so it’ll start in the mornings in Regina, Saskatchewan. (Seriously, who would ever have thought that that’s a thing here!)

In January, en-route to Toronto – a road trip that took 4 days!

How I spent all our road trips in our car! I was navigator, obviously.

In January, when we drove into NYC in the late afternoon sun (this was taken just before we got stuck in traffic which made a 1 mile drive to our hotel take over an hour!)

Love (yay for automatic cars!)

In February, on our way to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where we flew out to the Bahamas!

In February: green grass, blue sky and some of the most gorgeously warm weather we had seen in months, in sunny Florida!
In March, cruising along the Santa Fe Trail and seeing the Rocky Mountains in Colorado loom before us!

In March, the view of Pike’s Peak, Colorado Springs, as seen from our darling car!
We’ve had some amazing times and seen some truly spectacular sights in our beloved car and will be so sad to say goodbye when the time finally comes. We hope to see it go to a good home, so if you know of anyone who wants to buy a beautiful black SUV, please put them in touch with me!
Now I’m curious, what have you grown weirdly attached to while travelling? And do like to have everything planned out, or take it as it comes?

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