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My Beauty Favourites of 2015

I’ve always loved all-things beauty related and similar to this post last year, I thought it would be fun to share my favourite 2015 discoveries in the world of beauty. I stand behind my ‘game-changers’ and stand out purchases of 2014 (shared here) but there were 5 other products I fell in love with in 2015. Each and everyone of these products have become so ingrained in my daily routine that I have no idea how I got by without them! They’ll be accompanying me into 2016 and beyond without a doubt.

So in no particular order here are my beauty favourites of 2015…

1// Sephora Collection 8HR Perfect Cover Concealer

Honestly, this corrector/concealer is a holy-grail product for me. As someone who inherited those pesky under eye circles, my search for the best concealer has been extensive. I first found this corrector while browsing Sephora in Paris and bought it immediately (and then went back the next day to buy in bulk!). Available in 10 different shades, this concealer provides complete coverage for dark circles and blemishes, goes on smooth and creamy, hydrates the delicate eye area and easily lasts all day. The finish is flawless and natural-looking and it’s completely waterproof. Completely amazing. Hands down my favourite find of 2015!  

2// Spiral Hair Tie

I stumbled upon this hair tie by accident while shopping one day, but somehow it made it into my shopping basket. I’m glad it did because this simple little hair tie has been a total game changer! My hair is naturally fairly straight but I either straighten or wave it with my GHD flat iron at least once a week. My absolute pet peeve with heat-styled hair is ruining the style by putting it up. Normal hair ties either ruin my waves or add that undesirable ear-height kink in my straightened tresses. But not the spiral hair tie! It keeps my ponies perky and kink-free and any waves I’ve added are completely unaffected by it. I also love it for putting my hair in a bun, as it adds a little extra height and fullness without having to do anything extra.
Love these and these

3// MAC Mineralize Blush in ‘Warm Soul

I first discovered this product by way of my sister Dimity and I’ve been obsessed ever since. It brings the perfect combination of ‘peachy’ and ‘bronzed’ to my cheeks and I’ve especially love it’s glowy finish. Perfect year-round, but even more so in the warmer months.

4// MAC Small Duo Fiber Face Brush

In preparation for my wedding last year, I added quite a few new makeup brushes to my arsenal this year. Easily my favourite (and the only one I use every day), this flat-topped, full circular brush has changed the way I apply my makeup each day. It has allowed me to achieve the flawless, lightweight application that I’ve always been striving for with foundation application and makes blending a breeze. The fibers are so soft and delicate and only pick up a small amount of product, making it the ideal brush for layering, and unlike any other foundation brush I’ve ever used, there is no pulling/dragging on my skin. Love it! 

5// Porcelain Jewellery Dishes 

I completely revamped how I store my jewellery collection towards the end of 2015 and these porcelain jewellery dishes from Kikki K (gifted to me by my sister Lauren) have completed the last piece of the puzzle. They keep my jewellery organised and tangle-free and I love that I can now actually see what jewellery I own. If I can’t see it, I won’t wear it, so now I’m finding and wearing the pieces I’d long forgotten about. Plus, the dishes are so cute and I love the gold embossed statement “be brave be bold” so much. This particular collection is sold out now, but I seriously love this white + gold set and this butterfly dish too (so cute and on sale!). 
Did you discover any holy-grail products in 2015? Let me know what you discovered and loved in the world of beauty in 2015 in the comments below.
Thanks so much for reading XO 
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