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Southern Homes in Fayetteville, North Carolina

As mentioned in my last post, Ty and I are heading into the southern US states, following our wanderlusting hearts to seek the sunny skies, warm temperatures, and the famous Southern hospitality. It has been a very cold Canadian winter for us Aussies! After our first day on the road, we arrived in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Fayetteville is often referred to as “America’s Hometown” and “The City of Heroes”. It is home to Fort Bragg, a major US Army installation just northwest of the city, which deepens Fayetteville’s culture and roots in all things military.
We decided to spend a full day in town so we could visit the museum and the old southern homes in the historic neighbourhood. However, when Monday arrived, we discovered both of these attractions are closed on a Monday! Not our finest moment of trip planning!
So with our original plans out the window, we spent the day completely without plans and it was perfect just the way it was! We had a lovely lunch and caught a film at the famous Cameo Art House Theater in town. Not wanting to miss out on seeing these gorgeous heritage southern homes I had heard so much about, we did our own “self-guided” tour wanderings down the quiet neighbourhood streets, trying not to garner too much attention, and marvelled at the gems we found!
I adore the green leafy vines growing up around the trees surrounding this house. It is very “The Secret Garden”, one of my all-time favorite films from my childhood (as in I’ve seen it maybe ten thousand times!).

I love the brilliant red of those flowers growing in that lush shrub! And I also love the moss growing on the steps and front porch. It has such a homely feel!

That balcony verandah had me swooning! Oh what I’d give to live out my mornings watching the world outside come alive with the first rays of the rising sun.
This red brick home was so bright and beautiful and the gardens were perfectly manicured. I can imagine a little old southern lady with a love of gardening and flowers living here! And she would drink sweet tea and dote on her grandchildren.

I think this one was my favourite! I love the flag flying from the front porch, the white painted wood and black shutters. 
You can’t see it in the photo above, but there was a beautiful, white swing hanging from the porch of the white plantation-style home. It made me think of warm summer evenings and cool cotton dresses, a cool evening breeze removing what’s left of the day’s heat, wind chimes dancing in the breeze, watching the sun slowly sink beneath the horizon and listening to the crickets grow louder in the gathering dusk. There couldn’t be a more perfect way to spend a summer’s afternoon than on that swing. 

That was how we spent our day in Fayetteville. Not at all as we had planned, but perfect nonetheless. Sometimes the “non-plans” turn out even better than the plans, don’t you think?
From Savannah, Georgia (yup, we are now in the Deep South!), with love xo

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